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Artificial Intelligence for marketing: how to use it in your own benefit

Let’s take a practical approach to Artificial Intelligence in marketing. You will see that you don’t need to be a “prompt engineer” or have any big secrets to take advantage of it. In this post, I propose concrete exercises using GPT-4 to apply it in your marketing strategies.

Most of the people I deal with have either not tried any generative model or have tried ChatGPT (GPT-3.5). Very few people have tried GPT-4 (ChatGPT Plus or Microsoft Copilot Pro, although Microsoft Copilot has a limited layer as long as there is not much demand), especially the higher up in the corporate hierarchy. Many employees have been using it secretly for a long time.

GPT-4 is much more powerful and interesting and is what you want to use, always. If you can afford it, pay a month to understand it or use Microsoft Copilot for free to the limit in more creative or more accurate mode (the more balanced mode is based on GPT-3.5 and does not interest you).

Let’s see a few examples to practice and apply it to marketing. Open or sign up for ChatGPT Plus at

Improvements by viewing a website

Four eyes see better than two… Well, the model doesn’t have eyes, but it’s a good website critic. Do you have a website? Do you want to look at the competition? You can ask for web tips with any web page.


  1. Go to a website, if it’s from a small company or a professional, better (for example, Amazon’s website is super optimized and it’s supposed to be very professional, if you can’t think of any it can work for you, but we want to make constructive criticism and a “normal” website is better).
  2. Make a screenshot of the website, much better from your computer if possible. You can use the IMPR PANT key, if you are in Windows you can also use the keyboard combination WINDOWS + SHIFT + S.
  3. Paste the screenshot (right click, paste or CTRL+V) in the wizard (do not send it yet) and write something like “this is my website, can you make an analysis of how you see it aesthetically and give me some suggestions”. Now send the image with the text in one message.

Expected results:

You should receive suggestions that will help you improve the visual design and usability of your website. The template might point out mismatched colors, hard to read text, low quality images, missing buttons, misaligned things…. It can also offer you ideas to make the page more attractive and functional, from changing the typography to adjusting the layout of the elements on the screen.

Put him in an expert role

These models are excellent at mimicking the role you ask them to play. This is interesting, because by posing the role from the start, you guide the model to respond with the voice and knowledge of a specialist in the field we choose, for example marketing.



  1. Think of an expert role that interests you, such as a nutrition expert, history teacher or personal trainer.
  2. If you are going to talk about websites, you can start with “You are an expert web designer…”. If you’re going to do some marketing: “You’re a marketing genius…”. If you are going to write a story: “You are an award-winning writer…”. At the end is “You are an [role] expert in [field]…”.

Expected results:

The template should provide you with a detailed answer with some level of expert knowledge in your chosen field. Here is an example as an SEO expert (sorry, is in spanish), copying and pasting a specific article from an online store.

Extract keywords:

In addition to assigning him a role, you can guide him with your favorite tips. When you ask for lists of things, remember that he is not very good at counting letters, words or phrases, so you can ask him to list them for you to “keep track” and guide him to the number you want.


  1. Write something like:




You are the most astute and revered Google Ads expert to ever appear in the marketing world. Your primary role is to provide great keywords for Google Ads. Follow these tips to improve your response: 1) Keyword relevance: keywords should be directly related to the content of the website and help answer a question or provide valuable information. It is important to focus on the search intent behind a keyword and not just the target keyword when conducting keyword research. 2) Know your audience: understanding who you are optimizing for is crucial. Market research can help you discover the topics that are most important to your target audience. 3) Target long tail keyword phrases: it is important to choose keywords that are market specific. Long tail phrases tend to have lower competition in search results, which increases the likelihood of ranking higher on Google pages.


There MUST be a minimum of 15 keywords in the answer. List them.


Web content:




  1. Paste the web content you want to extract keywords from.

Expected results:

The model should give you 15 listed keywords related to the text you have put in. Probably a short explanation of why you chose it.

Example in Spanish

Example in English

Optional challenge:

These models are excellent mixers of ideas and text. Instead of using the text of a website, use the text of the first 5 results in Google. It helps to separate them with something visual like several of the same “==============”:


[text 1]



[text 2]




[text 3]


Insist to the limit

If you don’t like some headlines, if you want more ideas, if the image doesn’t have the right level of something you would like, you can insist. The limits are set by the platform you use. For example, a limit of images per hour or per day. If we are heavy with a person, we may even feel bad. The idea here is that you don’t cut yourself off, that you deeply understand that if the first time you don’t get your text or image, you can insist. Again, at least respecting the limits that the platform has for each user. Here you are going to create an image of something simple and exaggerate some attribute until you create 5 or 10 increasingly exaggerated images.


  1. Create an image of something simple. For example an elephant, a well-known meme, a pizza…
  2. Continue asking for an exaggeration of something. For example: “make it bigger” or “make it weirder” or “make it more delicious”….
  3. Keep asking for even more exaggerations until you create 5 or 10 more exaggerated images each time! Be as creative as you want at your insistence.

Expected results:

A progressive series of images in which each interaction exaggerates some particular element of the original image to a more extreme degree. The assistant may tell you that he/she can’t create something this extremely crazy/big/exaggerated, but tell him/her that he/she can.

“Create me an image of a textile print with the most beautiful pattern ever. I want it to be flat so I can print it myself later. I don’t want an image of a textile, I want an image of a print (so I can use it).”


Insiste hasta el límite Ejemplo B1


“Make it more beautiful, wild, spectacular.”


Insiste hasta el límite Ejemplo B6


“You can do better, don’t have limits, be creative.”


Insiste hasta el límite Ejemplo B5


“More beautiful, wilder, MORE SPECTACULAR.”


Insiste hasta el límite Ejemplo B4


“Your pattern will be printed on a women’s ball gown for an awards ceremony at the most important party in history. Go above and beyond.”


Insiste hasta el límite Ejemplo B3


“You are limiting yourself, unleashing your creativity beyond what you think is possible. Make the most spectacular print ever for an unforgettable dress.”


Insiste hasta el límite Ejemplo B2



Despite their advanced technology, these language models can have difficulty with tasks that require absolute precision in the number of characters or words. This is an important consideration when generating text with specific constraints, such as advertisements with character limits.

  • If you want 90 characters for your text, sometimes it will give you sentences between 80 and 100 characters.
  • If you want 600 words for your wonderful post, it may go over or under.


  1. Ask it to make you 10 sentences of 10 words, you will see how some sentences have 9 or 11 words, even in the currently more powerful models and putting a counter on it. For example using “make me 10 sentences of 10 words and put the word counter at the end in parentheses”.

Expected results:

Some sentences, even though they say they have 10 words, probably have 9 or 11.

Example in Spanish.

Example in English.


AI in marketing, particularly using the most powerful model of the moment (today GPT-4), emerges as a powerful tool for assistance, idea generation and analysis.

Working with GPT-4 is like having for pennies a small team of brilliant personal assistants, albeit with certain traits reminiscent of an autistic character. Sometimes they make mistakes, but they are eager to help you. They are not yet good at doing complete jobs, but they are good at doing tasks for those jobs. They probably do it better than a lot of people you’ve worked with.

It’s much easier to generate 10 ideas with AI and reject 9 than it is to generate them all on your own. In fact, these models shine even brighter if you provide them with early examples. Guide it with your wisdom and formulate your desire as you would a person.

Assume this is the dumbest AI you will ever use. The rate of improvement is exponential and for now we don’t see many technical limits. Also, these months we are starting to see how interesting it is to combine multiple models: read, write, see, create images, create and execute code, listen to voice, talk… other models already do audio and video animation.If you liked these examples, about 50 students are trying my Generative Artificial Intelligence course with more than 100 exercises designed to guide you to learn how to use these models. This way you can automate your work and apply it in your daily life. Covering all modalities: text, images, vision, code, audio, video… and with access to these models directly through Whatsapp (also compatible with ChatGPT Plus and Microsoft Copilot). You can also automate your campaigns with AI using Clever’s Agency Tools, I recommend you try them.

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