Back-to-school Sales

Back-to-school Sales – How to Boost your Seasonal Marketing

August is here and with its arrival come back-to-school campaigns. Little by little beach afternoons and vacation days are falling behind us and on the horizon we have back-to-school marketing sales waiting for every business owner.

Back-to-school, in particular, school supplies, paper book or ebook sales allow opportunities to dive into seasonal marketing and get your campaigns back on track. Back-to-school implies an influx of spending for most families. Usually, after all the summer expenses, finances become complicated, and people turn to promotional campaigns, as products that were ignored before summer now become a necessity.

As often occurs, very few families will stop to think about what to reuse from previous years. So spending will occur in a short period of time with instant decision making.

We recommend that you start your marketing machinery again with the return to school. Prepare a welcome back after summer with eye-catching promotions.

Are you ready to boost your brand?

Increase your community of users with simple promotions.

If your goal is to grow your community and get back engagement you had before the summer, we recommend that you bet on campaigns with simple mechanics that encourage participation. Although, you can always generate a greater impact with a striking promotion.

Bet on User Generated Content

Social networks are dynamic. It is no longer important to simply create quality content, it is also important to bet on User Generated Content. In other words, collaborative content created by followers.

There are multiple ways to generate this type of content. One of them is contests which will help increase engagement and strengthen ties with your community of users/customers.

To achieve quick results in this field, Twitter is the best option since it is the social network with the highest participation rate.

Twitter contest: quick, original and simple

August is a slow month, generally speaking, in terms of social network activity. If you want to give power to your Twitter account, pay attention. You can boost your brand with a contest where followers share what is the best or worst thing about back-to-school. You can also pose the question of what challenge they have set for the new school year. It is very important to take care of the choice of hashtag to encourage the participation of users.

Boost Instagram with creative sweepstakes

Another interesting social network to generate UGC (user generated content) is Instagram, which is also the fastest growing social network along with TikTok. It is therefore perfect for launching campaigns linked to the back-to-school theme.

For example, a campaign where they have to comment on what their must-haves are for the new school year. Or have them post a photo saying goodbye to summer vacation. Again, do not forget to create a striking and simple hashtag.

Take advantage of TikTok’s growth

You can’t miss out on the trendiest social network! It is the most used among young people between 12 and 15 years old, that is, your end user. Although your products will be paid for by their parents, at the end of the day, they, the young people, are the ones who decide/ tell them what they want. You have to be present in TikTok, no matter what. Generate fun content that attracts them and makes them ask their parents for your material/services.

Interactive contests: increase engagement

This simple mechanic will provide very positive results. Take advantage of the campaign to get to know the community. Ask them what is their best back-to-school memory or any related anecdote…

Voting contest: discover your customers’ tastes.

You can also take advantage of contests by using them to find out which products or services your customers like the most. You can pit different products against each other and choose the winner from the most voted option. It is undoubtedly very useful to know the likes and dislikes of your community. As we said, TikTok is the ideal site for this type of marketing action.

However, if you are looking to convert users into customers, there are more valuable alternatives such as promotions or discounts.

Boost sales with a promotion

Promotions have a direct impact on sales. They allow you to convert followers into customers by driving them to your online store.

Promotions are a win-win approach. They allow for a new way to raise awareness of a company or a new product. A perfect opportunity to help your customers in their expected back-to-school shopping sprees.

Invest in Google Ads campaigns

But let’s not focus solely and exclusively on social networks. We can’t forget that though we value our community, and also value our community’s engagement and operation, what we are most interested in is the back-to-school increase our sales.

And for this we cannot forget to invest in campaigns with the biggest search engine, Google. Try Clever Ads Google Ads Creator.

Back-to-school is often a month of firsts for children. A month composed of new backpacks, new school shoes and a new notebook and all these novelties are reflected in the level of searches for school supplies on Google. 

Another back-to-school must-have are supplies for extracurricular activities. August is the month of enrollment for excellence, so campaigns for schools and academies have to be at their peak!

August is also a month of resolutions. A month to join the gym, acquire a new skill, or learn a new language. Although it may sound like a cliché, we ensure that these types of searches increase in August and September.

Invest in Microsoft Ads campaigns

Microsoft Ads campaigns are advertising strategies developed on Microsoft’s advertising platform, which aim to promote products or services on Microsoft’s search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo and AOL. These campaigns work using a real-time auction system, where advertisers bid on keywords relevant to their business. When a user performs a search related to those keywords, the ad is displayed in the search results. In addition, Microsoft Ads offers detailed targeting options, allowing businesses to show their ads to specific audiences based on factors such as geographic location, age, gender and more.

Aside from investing in Google Ads, a business should consider investing in Microsoft Ads for several reasons. First, Microsoft’s search network, which includes Bing, has a significant and growing user base. This means that there is a considerable potential audience that can be reached through Microsoft Ads. In addition, the cost per click on Microsoft Ads tends to be lower compared to Google Ads, which could result in greater efficiency and profitability for advertising campaigns. It is also important to note that some audiences may prefer to use Bing as a search engine, so investing in Microsoft Ads allows businesses to reach those users effectively. In summary, investing in Microsoft Ads can expand the reach and effectiveness of a company’s online advertising strategy by reaching additional audiences and leveraging competitive costs.

Avoid these 3 mistakes:

Lack of planning

In communication everything has to respond to a previously planned strategy. Starting the campaign when it should already be underway will not give good results.

Forgetting online and offline interaction

According to previous studies, 74% of consumers look for promotions online, and 61% make online inquiries before making a purchase decision. It’s also important to brand physical stores well so that there is no doubt that there is little time left. Similar to Christmas, we go into “shopping” mode when stores are dressed up.

Putting adults aside

Back-to-school, in addition to the start of classes, means a return to routines, habits and university. From discounts on cell phones to special rates for the gym and resolutions such as eating healthy… Practically everything has a place in this August consumption peak.


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