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Banner Fonts: Tips to Create Better Display Ads

Whether you want to build your Banner Ads manually, or have them generated automatically, Clever Ads Banner Creator will help you get there. Our tool will help you build brand awareness, generate leads and drive sales for your business.

In today’s advertising, banners are an essential part of any online store. If created and planned properly with an appealing design, they have the ability to attract a large portion of potential customers.

We believe in the power of font for banners!

Banners have the ability to create an impact and increase the customer’s desire to explore your store’s pages and products.

However, the question arises: “What fonts should I use for my banner?”.

Although there is no one certain way to combine fonts for online commerce, one virtue that designers usually follow is: Two fonts need to have enough visual contrast to pair well together. It is possible to create a good pair of opposite fonts, but it is only necessary to analyze the characteristics of each chosen font, such as: color, weight, size and whether it is a serif font or not.

Before experimenting with our Clever Ads Banner Creator, here are 5 examples of some of the best eCommerce font pairings from Google. Even if you are inexperienced in this area, this will give you a good idea of where to start. 

Crimson Text Regular & Source Sans Pro Regular

The best known way to combine two fonts is to use a sans serif font in conjunction with a serif font. Try it yourself and you’ll see how well it works in balancing and giving a calming effect for the viewers.

This combination works especially well for eCommerce sites related to face care, yoga, acupuncture (ie. any eCommerce related to relaxation).

Lato Light and Lato Regular

Sometimes using different fonts from the same family works well together. All that is needed is to create a visual contrast between the two types of fonts.

By combining the Lato Light font with Lato Regular, you will obtain an elegant and delicate appearance.

This combination works especially well on fashion and jewelry related eCommerce sites.

Luckiest Guy and Bitter Regular

For more fun and interactive sites, you should choose a font that shows your brand’s younger personality.

The Luckiest Guy font blends perfectly with Bitter Regular and will work best in eCommerce stores whose target audience is children.

Montserrat Bold and Roboto Regular

Sometimes when combining fonts, you only need two types of clean fonts. In this particular case, the fonts are not in opposition from each other. It is only necessary to use the font’s weight to create more contrast between them. Montserrat Bold is characterized by being a heavy source that works well with Roboto Regular as the latter is lighter.

This combination is best suited for eCommerce sites related to electronics, technology or industrial equipment.

Raleway Bold and Source Code Pro Regular

By combining color, size, weight and classification, you’ll be able to have a good combination with these two fonts.

This union creates a kind of masculine personality that will work better for eCommerce stores with a male audience in mind.

Experiment with banners!

Selecting the right type of font for your online commerce is difficult. However, by using the examples above you will have a place to start. Now that you have an idea of ​​how you can combine sources so that your compositions are visually balanced, experiment to find what will yield the highest impact on your customers.

If after reading this you tried to create banners for yourself and still didn’t like the final result, don’t worry! We can create your banners for you.

Try Clever Ads Banner Creator and start improving your ads today!


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