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List of the Best PPC Software Tools

How can your PPC advertising get easier?

If your daily routine includes channels of PPC marketing then it’s time you find how to conduct it more efficiently. These tasks can vary a lot, I understand that. You might be creating, editing, optimizing, or comparing ads for your own brand and even for other brands. As a result, these tasks can be quite time consuming. For that reason, people have been creating and developing tools in order to help you and make your life a bit easier.

The options are truly endless, from PPC marketing tools to simply help you manage your tasks to others which take it to the next level by helping you optimize your PPC advertising efforts. For more information on both varieties, keep reading as I take you through them. 

PPC Reporting Softwares

Google Ads Editor

If you are managing Google Ads campaigns you are most likely aware of Google Ads Editor, the application offered by Google itself. But what exactly is the difference between the Google Ads desktop interface and Google Ads Editor? Google Ads Editor is actually quite faster. Also, it lets you make mass changes and optimizations directly to your campaigns. If you are someone managing campaigns and accounts, it’s way more practical for you to use this software.

Microsoft Advertising Editor

Similarly to Google Ads and its Editor, Microsoft Advertising is offering its own Editor as well. With similar advantages, you can use this tool in order to work faster, make changes in bulk and manage your PPC campaigns.

Clever Ads

Clever Ads is also offering a variety of reporting tools in order to stay updated with your ads on-the-go. You can download the mobile ads manager and get all the metrics of the performance of your Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Microsoft Ads directly on your phone. If you are using Slack or Microsoft Teams for communication with your team, there is another integration to receive metrics, reports and graphs directly into your chat to easily share it with the rest of your team.

PPC Creation & Optimization Software

1. eCommerce Ads by Clever Ads

Clever Ads’ PPC software combines the human touch with automation to obtain the best results when it comes to Google Ads campaigns creation. Not to mention, it’s available on the most known and widely used eCommerce platforms. Some of the features you will have are the generation of Keywords, as well as Search, Display, Gmail, Remarketing and Shopping Ads. 

PPC Landing Page Software

  •  Unbounce

Unbounce’s PPC software will help you create and design relevant and high-converting landing pages for your ads.

In Google Ads, to decrease your CPC and eventually spend less on your ads, you need to increase your ads’ quality score. Landing Page relevance and loading speed is key to your ads’ quality score. You need to significantly improve your visitor’s experience and Unbounce is the right tool to help you achieve just that.

  •  Hotjar

After having created your Landing Pages you will need an effective tool to analyze your visitor’s behavior and journey through your pages. This will help you when it’s time to optimize each one of them, and make changes and improvements. Hotjar is the right tool to help you with that. You can create heatmaps, recordings of user’s journeys in your website, funnels and a lot more. It’s a whole world of useful insights for your website just waiting to be explored!

To Wrap Things Up

These are some of the best PPC software you can use in order to make PPC advertising less tedious and time consuming. Investing your time in these tools will only payoff in a positive manner for you. What’s stopping you from trying them out yourself? If you are an eCommerce owner using digital marketing then it is very recommended to go on and try using most if not all the softwares mentioned above. It can truly change your store for the better!

  •  Aihello

Aihello is an Amazon PPC software company that offers tools to help sellers manage their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns. Their software automates tasks like bidding on keywords, researching new keywords, and even creating ad campaigns, aiming to siplify the process and reduce advertising costs.

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