The 5 best PrestaShop Modules this 2021

Best PrestaShop modules for this 2024

Looking to enhance your online eCommerce store but just can’t seem to figure out how? Check out these PrestaShop modules to start upgrading your online store today!

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#1 Clever eCommerce ads

The Clever Google Adwords Module uses a marketing tool to create and optimize eCommerce ads campaigns for your company. With this module, your business will be able to generate professional and competitive Adwords campaigns in order to bring the most relevant traffic to your store. It grants you access to all of the resources for easily creating and managing a Google Adwords account, while boosting your ROI.

#2 Advanced related products

This module functions so that it highlights products that are complementary to what the customer is already purchasing. For example, if a customer is purchasing a new phone this module would suggest that they also buy a new phone charger, case, or pair of headphones. All of which pair nicely with a phone and thus may entice the user to make another purchase.This module is great for increasing sales and profits on your new PrestaShop site!

#3 SendinBlue

SendinBlue is awesome for anyone who wants to keep in touch with their customers via email but doesn’t have the time. Instead of stressing yourself out with worrying about sending emails manually, SendinBlue can deliver them automatically. This service is free and allows you to send up to 300 emails per day. Stop stressing and download SendinBlue on PrestaShop!

#4 Abandoned cart reminder pro

Nothing is more frustrating than when a customer leaves your website with a full cart. This module allows you to stay in contact with those customers by sending email reminders telling them to complete their order. These emails are fully automated and are customized with the buyer’s name and the products they have sitting in their cart. What are you waiting for? Download Abandoned Cart Reminder Pro to help complete your checkout process and start seeing sales! 

#5 Points & discounts

If you are looking to boost your brand loyalty, you may want to implement a rewards program. By offering your clients discounts and benefits for purchasing X amount of products, you can boost your sales by creating bundle deals and offers for your most loyal customers. If programs like these seem like they would help enhance your store and conversions, you should definitely download the Points and Discounts Module on PrestaShop. It’s easy to use and creates excellent bundles and discount deals that you can offer your customers!

Downloading these modules through PrestaShop is sure to put you on the path toward eCommerce success. They are great for those companies that are just starting out, or ones that are looking for a new and exciting push. For more information about these modules and others, visit PrestaShop and read the module descriptions!

However, we know that the theme chosen for your online store is also very important, so we leave you some of the best  PrestaShop themes.

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