Wordpress SEO & SEM, the perfect combination

WordPress SEO + SEM essentials for your WooCommerce online store

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Why SEO and SEM are complementary?

The reason why both are complementary and you should use them together is because they are aiming towards the same objective, drive traffic to your webpage or your online shop.

Let’s say you have a WordPress store/WordPress online store that sells ethnic clothing. In order to drive traffic and get some conversions, which is your ultimate goal, you will need to use relevant keywords related to ethnic clothing and similar concepts or related products that potential customers are looking up online.

How should I prioritize SEO and SEM?

SEO requires a longer term strategy

Free or organic traffic comes with patient and nurture of your own web page content. You will need to improve structure and content through keywords to offer relevant information to users. That is how you rank up with SEO, that is why it takes time to figure out the best way for your content, and what keywords are more powerful.

SEM has a shorter term strategy

As you pay for it, once you run campaigns, it will start working and bringing traffic. But, before you run the campaigns, make sure they are optimal, otherwise you will start spending money and not targeting efficiently. You will need those keywords, understand different types of campaigns, bids and trends.

So how can I know best the keywords for my strategy?

SEO keyword should be the most important and relevant keywords, and must be part of your web content. In the other hand, SEM keywords must be additional keywords, you should not be using the same.

The best way to get keywords is using Google’s Keyword planner, and making a full Keyword plan. You will be able to view trends and bids on those keywords to find the most relevant ones and the best one to bid on.

This process is time costly and can be frustrating if you do not have basic competences on Google Ads. The fundamentals online course of Google Ads will help you get some knowledge, but there are so many specifications rules and not enough examples for your vertical.

If you want to skip this process and still need Google Ads a lot of online shops rely on a third party agency, which could raise your expense. 

Our recommendation is to try out Automate eCommerce Ads for Woocommerce (or Shopify, PrestaShop or BigCommerce). With the freemium basic plan, your campaigns will be generated by completing 5 steps in just 10 minutes!


SEO and SEM are complementary, you should always enhance both in order to drive quality traffic. SEO is time costly but will give you results long term. Be patient and apply the best keywords. SEM is complicated, do not try it with no knowledge or you will be spending money with no ROI. With Google Ads by Clever Ads, you will have your campaigns automated with the best keywords and bids, use some of those relevant keywords to improve your web content, which will imply a better SEO.

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