Prepare Your eCommerce for Black Friday

Get your eCommerce ready for Black Friday.

Black Friday is coming, it is impossible for you not to know it, considering the continuous bombardment of information and ads that we live with every day. However, what they don’t tell us is how to prepare an eCommerce, especially a BigCommerce one, for these essential seasonal marketing dates. Here is a list of the best tips to prepare your BigCommerce for Black Friday:

# Offer an unmissable deal

Instead of offering the same promotions and discounts as in previous years, you might consider new offer strategies for Black Friday 2023. For example, you could offer tiered discounts depending on customer purchase volume, or special rewards and bonuses for customers who make early purchases.

#Communicate, communicate & communicate

Communicate with your customers as often and in as many ways as you can, especially as special dates like Black Friday approach. By 2023, you might consider including new communication platforms that have gained popularity, such as short video social networks like TikTok or messaging platforms like WhatsApp. In addition, you could experiment with new content formats, such as podcasts or webinars.

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# Sense of urgency is key

A sense of urgency will always be a crucial component of any Black Friday campaign. However, by 2023, you might consider innovative ways to instill this sense of urgency, such as using augmented reality to show customers how products are selling out in real time.

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#Retarget those who escaped

You might consider new tactics for customer retention, such as loyalty programs or personalized recommendation systems based on artificial intelligence.

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# Create trust for future purchases

In 2023, customer expectations for customer service could be even higher. You could consider implementing AI-powered customer service chatbots, or offering new delivery and return options to increase customer confidence.

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There is a huge competition for attracting traffic and maximizing their conversions, our tips to make the most out of Black Friday for BigCommerce Stores will help you succeed.

Applying the following tips will help you have a successful store, not only during Black Friday but also during other high-demand-peaks. 

#Use of BigCommerce tools

You can go on to highlight the eCommerce Ads by Clever tool for BigCommerce, but you can also mention any new tools or functionality that BigCommerce may introduce in 2023.

Wrapping up…

We hope that with these Black Friday tips you can increase your sales and customer base, don’t forget to stop by our blog for more tips!

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