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AdWords for Agencies – Tips for PPC Management Agencies

If you work at an advertising agency that manages Google AdWords campaigns for customers, then this post is for you. This post is oriented to the gurus of Google Ads campaigns who manage other people’s campaigns all day, all night. 😅

Here are some tips to boost your productivity, improve your relationship with your clients, and better organize your day to day tasks.

How to improve communications with your clients


Everyone appreciates transparency and honesty. Even if your client is not a Google Ads guru (if he or she were, you wouldn’t have a job either) you should put an effort in making him or her understand even at a basic level. Give customers access to their Google Ads account and dedicate some time to share with them your knowledge and experience. This will contribute to building trust between you and your clients.

Use the right tools

A lot of PPC agencies are using Slack to communicate with their clients. Slack is offering a wide range of integrations which you can install to make your life easier and your communication more efficient. Clever Ads is a useful tool you can install on your Slack chat and be able to share metrics, reports, and recieve real-time alerts on the the Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok Ads campaigns you are managing. This will make your life easier by having all you advertising campaigns monitored under one channel. 

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AdWords tips for agencies

Eyes on the structure

While the final format of structure really depends on your personal preferences, there are some standard ways that you can use in order to make your life easier. One option is to structure your campaigns according to keyword match type. By doing so, you will have two campaigns, one for broad match and another for exact. This way, you will be able to better control the budget so its biggest part is spent on the exact type of keywords.

Another way to organize your ad groups, in case you want to target specific keywords with a specific message is to dedicate a whole ad group to each one of your top keywords. This way you are able to target more granularly and have the biggest control of on which keywords your budget is spent.

…and on naming!

When you manage that many accounts, campaigns and ads, it’s critical to organize very carefully how you will be naming your campaigns. It’s very important not to use generic names. Be as specific as possible. By doing so, you are making your life way easier. When you will be filtering your analytics reports later on you will be extremely thankful you did so, trust me.

Regularly Monitor and Adjust Campaigns

The digital landscape is dynamic, and what works today may not work tomorrow. Regularly monitor the performance of your Google Adwords campaigns, analyze key metrics, and be prepared to make adjustments. Experiment with different ad variations, bidding strategies, and targeting options to optimize performance over time.

And the last thing, a great tip for acquiring new clients!

Acquiring new clients is a big deal for Google AdWords agencies. A great strategy which you can use is to make a Google Search with businesses you know are close to you and see if they are using Google Ads. Once you organize all the information, you can then perform an audit for each business with all the mistakes that you might have noticed in their ads or with all the improvements that you are able to do for them. When you have everything organized you can contact them with your proposal. If you want more tips on how to acquire new clients you can also read more here.

I hope you will be able to apply some of the above mentioned tips at your online advertising agency and see an actual impact. Organization and a good structure is key when you are managing data from a lot of accounts. Make sure you always keep that in mind! 😉


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