BigCommerce Marketplace: 20 Must-Have Apps available

Best apps from BigCommerce marketplace 

BigCommerce Marketplace makes it incredibly easy to create and launch your own eCommerce store. This platform allows you to work with templates and requires almost no customization…

So you can set up your own eCommerce in just a few hours!

Something everybody loves about the platform is the wide variety of apps that can help you enhance your eCommerce store. BigCommerce  integrates itself with all kind of apps and tools compatible with its platform.

You can find apps that are useful for helping with accounting, finance and even advertising or CRM.

They update those apps continually. They want to ensure you will have access to the best BigCommerce apps and latest innovations  through the BigCommerce Marketplace. The most successful BigCommerce Marketplace is marketing, which is no coincidence as the objective of all eCommerce stores is selling.

Once you’ve set up your BigCommerce store properly, you can try to find ways to optimize your store for attracting more people and leading to more conversions. That’s why in this post we’ll go through all types of BigCommerce Marketplace Marketing Apps, describing the must-haves for running a successful BigCommerce store and making the most out of BigCommerce Marketplace.

There are up to 170 Marketing Apps available at BigCommerce Marketplace that are distributed over 10 subcategories. We’ll mention and describe the two best apps from each subcategorie. We want to help you choose the most useful BigCommerce Apps for your store:


1/ Affiliate programs


LeadDyno helps you quickly and easily build a team of affiliates to resell your product and achieve affiliates. They work with many leading bloggers in various industries with the objective to introduce your product to these influencers in order to help your product take off. You will be able to easily pay influencers through Paypal. Their customer service is available 16/7, so you’ll be able to solve any doubt and ask for support every day!


bigcommerce marketplace


Refersion is a powerful affiliate marketing platform that you can launch in minutes. They handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on building partnerships with your affiliates. Whether it be bloggers, influencers, ambassadors, or even customers, they help you recruit, track, and pay affiliates through an intuitive, easy to use platform. This app allows you to do anything without having any technical knowledge. You don’t necessarily need PayPal to pay your affiliates as you can also pay them through store credit, checks, money orders and many other options. They usually respond to their chat within 24-hours. 

2/ Conversion rate optimization

Shogun Page Builder

Shogun is the easiest page builder. You can drag and drop elements so you can visually manage your content in a quick and simple manner. Customize your menu, cart, checkout page, FAQ page, contact forms, discounts… and more! It allows you to display a countdown timer and create custom email templates, opt-in landing pages and forms, integrating with mailchimp and klaviyo. It’s also developer friendly, so you can create completely new elements that can be re-used by non techies! They offer technical support in the USA, UK, Australia and India.

bigcommerce marketplace

Mobile Converter by Beeketing

Mobile converter allows you to avoid the user experience difficulties and limitations of a small mobile screen. You can keep your conversion rates and even increase them. The app will display a “buy now” button that will stick on the top or bottom of the screen. It also allows you to display product images in full-screen and customize colors, fonts, buttons and theme designs. The most remarkable aspect of the app is that you don’t need any coding skills. It’s completely free without future charges or hidden fees and it only takes 2 minutes to install and set up.



Mobile Converter by Beeketing


3/ Customer acquisition & retention


Have you ever wished you could be next to your customers while they were browsing and navigating your eCommerce store? This is what ContactPigeon aims to do! With ContactPigeon you can track in real-time the visitors across the entire customer journey and engage with them at the right moment with personalized messages. The combination of real-time insights with the power of event-driven marketing will enable you to deliver highly targeted campaigns based on the actions visitors have taken. They support multi-channel campaigns that are delivered through emails, SMS, pop-ups or social media.


Sumo is a full suite of free marketing tools that helps you build email lists through pop-ups, banners and discount coupons. It also allows you to win-back abandoning website visitors. Not only does it have these helpful tools, but it also tracks your success every step of the way. It’s integrated with Mailchimp, Hubspot, Klaviyo, Constant Contact and SendGrid. You will be able to track your performance through your own dashboard, and best of all, you can get Sumo up and running in less than a minute with no coding required.

4/ Digital advertising & marketing

eCommerce Ads by Clever 

Google eCommerce Ads by Clever is the best way to attract new customers to your store at a low cost. They create your Google Ads Search, Display, Remarketing and Shopping campaigns completely for you. Their installation process takes 5 minutes and allows you to personalize your Google Ads campaigns, target audience and budget. More than 50,000 eCommerce stores have already successfully used this solution.

You don’t need to have any previous experience using Google Ads or any advertising experience, as they do everything for you… and it’s quickly too!


clever ecommerce ads screenshot


Justuno is a conversion marketing and analytics platform that provides retailers with the powerful tools to convert shoppers along with data insights to optimize marketing campaigns. With Justuno, any retailer can engage and convert visitors with effective marketing touchpoints like eCommerce promotions, email capture popups, relevant website messaging and more. All of this is backed by incredible design capabilities, robust traffic segmentation, and conversion analytics.


5/ Email marketing


Privy helps you capture and convert website visitors into loyal customers. With Privy you’ll never need another popup, coupon, abandoned cart, or email marketing app again- all without any coding or development skills needed. It allows you to grow your email lists with pop-ups, create spin to win wheels, implement offers and coupon codes, and also trigger pop-ups and A/B test campaigns. It integrates with Mailchimp, Bronto, Klaviyo, Soundest, Constant Contact, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Retention Science,SendGrid, Adroll, Hubspot, Zapier and more.




Get to know your audience when you use Mailchimp for customer relationship management (CRM). Organize your contacts with tags and use segmentation to send targeted marketing across multiple channels. Review their detailed reports to get insights about what’s working so you can build a personalized experience for every customer. Set up marketing automations to remind customers about items they left in their cart or viewed on your site, win back lapsed customers, provide product recommendations, and follow up post-purchase.

6/ Loyalty & customer referrals


This subcategory only has one app available, and it’s Friendbuy. Friendbuy is the easiest way to generate word-of-mouth marketing through social networks. Friendbuy makes it easy to setup good-looking social plugins in your store and optimize them with A/B testing. Tweak any element of your buttons and widgets from your Friendbuy account and publish those changes to your site instantly with no need to hire tech developers every time you want to make a small change to your eCommerce site. Rich analytics shows you your performance and even the social conversations – see who shared and identify your top referrers.



7/ Marketing automation

Boost Sales

Boost Sales app features 2 proven effective selling strategies that used to account for 35% of Amazon’s total sales back in 2006 (and even more now): Upselling & Cross-selling, backed by a powered-by-AI recommendation engine. You can create Cross-sell offers to bundle up items that go well together and sell the whole package at a discount price. When customers reach cart page, they are either ready to check out, or about to abandon their cart. In either scenario, Last-step Upsell offers will sell more to those willing to pay, or give those leaving the cart other options to reconsider their decision.


Boost Sales


Marsello combines data-powered automation and real human experts to run targeted retention marketing that gets results for fast-growing brands. From loyalty and VIP programs to email campaigns and automation, Marsello helps you target the right customer at the right time, with the right message. Get customers shopping and maximize customer loyalty by automating targeted email flows and loyalty program features across the customer lifecycle. As your customers move from one segment to the next, their experience evolves to become more relevant and personalized.




8/ Promotions & incentives


Pixelpop is a highly versatile, all-in-one popup app by the eCommerce team behind BigCommerce’s most popular and successful Stencil themes. Collect email signups, advertise products, and promote special offers with beautiful popups that match your theme. Fine-tune your popups based on your customers’ location, the device they’re using, their activity on your page, and where they’re arriving from. Schedule your popups in advance and use an assortment of delays including exit-intent, time on site, pages viewed, and page scroll.




Better Coupon Box

Better Coupon Box allows you to welcome visitors with a well-designed email popup, which offers them a discount code on the first purchase if they subscribe to email or follow your social channels. The goal is to convert visitors into email subscribers, social media followers, and motivate them to start buying. Better Coupon Box is a powerful BigCommerce tool to create popups that work well on both desktop and mobile webs, and that display at exit-intent to prevent customers from leaving empty-handed.

Target the right group of customers by triggering popups to display to specific groups of customers only (new visitors or returning customers). Automatically sync email contacts with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, iContact and Mailbot.



Better Coupon Box

9/ Search engine optimization


FavSEO enables store owners to edit, analyze and optimize the title and meta description of all the products, categories and pages in one place. After connecting to Google Webmaster Tools, store owners can discover new keyword opportunities, submit the sitemap, find crawling errors and track ranks of keywords in Google. Check the SEO score of all the products at one page and analyze the factors which are causing them the low score. Optimize and Fix with easy steps.




SEOKart allows you to automatically diagnose and fix all your store’s SEO Issues. Improve your shop’s ranking on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Drive organic traffic to your shop and reduce the amount of time you spend on SEO. It will provide you a list of the issues as well as recommendations on how to fix them. Just follow through their recommendations and fix the issues right in the app. You can also hire an expert to take a second look at your shop. Having an SEO Guru work hand in hand with you is the best way to learn and become your own SEO boss.



10/ Social marketing


Outfy is the most productive app to greatly enhance Social Reach of your store. It will help you to pull more traffic & eventually increase sales of your products exponentially. It includes promotion of your products on social media, automated posts, sale promotions, product collages and gifs and videos. They also have 24/7 customer support.


bigcommerce marketplace


Instagram Feed by Elfsight

Instagram Feed by Elfsight is a perfect way to integrate your Instagram content into a website and use customization options to give it a brilliant look. The extension allows you to employ as many sources as you need and control the content using filters. Apply one of the embedded layouts and choose your best template, edit the title and color the widget to the style of your website. All of this is extremely easy and allows you to create the widget that will catch visitors’ eyes and bring you more followers.

Wrapping up…

These are the BigCommerce Marketplace Apps we recommend to make the most out of your BigCommerce store.

Have you already tried any of them? Which ones worked best? Which BigCommerce Marketplace Apps do you recommend? Did we miss any?

If you need more suggestions to build your eCommerce with BigCommerce, read how to build a successful BigCommerce store 😉 Btw, have you familiarized yourself with the PMAX campaigns from Google and Microsoft? They’re quite noteworthy and not to be overlooked!


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