Most beautiful BigCommerce themes

Top 9 BigCommerce themes for 2024

Did you know that one of the main reasons why people won’t buy from your store is because it does not look trustworthy or “clean” enough? Just as a traditional retail store should maintain their store clean and sorted, an online store should have a beautiful and well designed theme that fits well with the essence of the store, the products they are selling and the type of client that will be visiting the website. If you are looking for themes and you don’t know where to begin, here is our personal list of the best Bigcommerce themes for 2024.

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#1 Supermarket

The “Supermarket” theme is for stores with large catalogs like grocery stores, electronics, fashion, supermarkets, furniture and many more. It includes three color options, blue, yellow and pink to choose the one that best fits your store’s personality. This BigCommerce theme is great!

bigcommerce themes

“Supermarket Blue”

#2 Fortune Highlight

The “Fortune” theme is perfect for cutting-edge stores with small-to-medium-sized catalogs. It’s perfect for displaying your top products in detail, thanks to its striking hero area. This theme has everything to command shoppers and drive conversions. Of all BigCommerce themes, this one is usually used for stores selling home and garden products, arts, crafts, and gifts.

bigcommerce themes

“Fortune Highlight”

#3 Cornerstone Warm

Cornerstone” is a free BigCommerce theme available in three versions, light, bold and warm and optimize for large catalog eCommerce. It’s a simple theme, ready to fully express your brand thanks to its quick and easy personalization of your site’s fonts and colors. It’s used in all kinds of stores, from health and beauty products to home and garden, animals and pets, arts…etc.

“Cornerstone Warm”

#4 Foundry Light

This minimalistic BigCommerce theme’s top characteristic is versatility. “Foundry” lets you build everything you need for having your perfect store. Its setup is very quick, and the grid-based design allows you to showcase your products and brand clearly. Another key feature is its full responsiveness.

bigcommerce themes

“Foundry Light”

#5 Atelier Bright

Atelier” includes 4 styles (minimal, bright, classic and modern) for you to choose the one you find the most appealing. It has a very stylish design and an exclusive navigation menu. You can use this BigCommerce theme for your small catalog clothing or furniture store. 

“Atelier Bright”

#6 Prosper Minimal

Prosper” is a BigCommerce theme designed to scale and build your business around it. This stylish theme has a long-format homepage, perfect for displaying and presenting your products. It’s very accessible for both merchants and shoppers, as well as fully responsive. It’s mostly used for fashion and jewelry stores.

bigcommerce themes

“Prosper Minimal”

#7 Showroom Refined

The theme “Showroom” is another template which includes 4 different styles to choose from. This theme by BigCommerce is optimized for your small catalog store and will add a classy and elegant tone to your eCommerce.

“Showroom Refined”

#8 Arcade Natural

From all the BigCommerce themes, “Arcade” is the most eye-catching theme, perfect for boosting your sales. It highlights user reviews and call-to-action buttons, allowing customers to perform an in-depth product comparison. It has a lot of navigation styles and allows multiple customizations, so you can guide your customers through the purchasing process.

“Arcade Natural”

Here you can take a look at all the available BigCommerce templates. You will find a big variety to choose from. Make sure you devote some of your time to make the right decision for your e-commerce. You want to offer a good-looking website but at the same time, you should not forget about the importance of usability that your site offers to your visitors.

#9 Artify Beauty

If you are selling cosmetic and makeup products you should definitely take Artify Beauty in consideration. This is a really beautiful theme that is fully mobile responsive. It comes with four different styles that will allow you to customize it the way you want. Some of the main features of this theme are: Fully responsive, Product comparison table, Customized Check out, Product showcase…

“Artify Beauty”

Tips for choosing the right BigCommerce theme for your eCommerce.

BigCommerce themes allow great flexibility and are designed taking into account consumer behavior with the objective to boost conversion rates. Let’s take a look a the main tips you should take into account when choosing and customizing your BigCommerce theme:

  1. Design should be appealing, a poor design results in poor conversion rates and high bounce rates.The theme you choose should have the right balance between graphics, content and well-performing CTAs.
  2. The right colors can enhance user experience while evoking your brand. It shouldn’t be edgy or contrasting as this could make it difficult to look at it. The color can also help you focus users’ attention on the CTA and drive conversions.
  3. You should preferably choose a customizable BigCommerce theme as your business is unique and so it should be your website. Also businesses are constantly evolving and a website that’s able to grow with you will be much more effective.
  4. Banners and slides are essential for eCommerce as you need them for highlighting promotions, capturing leads, making announcements, or launching new product lines.
  5. The theme should be responsive and cross-device, so your website reach and usability is maximized. Don’t lose a single user, wherever they are and whatever device they use. Different buyers use different browsers.
  6. SEO-friendly: this is one of the most important things for your site. If your friend is not SEO oriented, you won’t be able to position it on the first page of Google results. There is no point in having a site if users cannot find it.
  7. Choose a BigCommerce template that helps you connect with the largest section of your buyer persona. It should correspond with the preferences of your target, whether it’s millennials, families or children.


Choosing the correct theme for your store is the first thing you in the list of things to do for creating a successful Bigcommerce store. Boosting your sales will also be easier if you draw from the correct theme and know how to optimize it properly.

Want to learn more about how to boost your BigCommerce store performance? There are many other clever ways to follow for making the most out of your BigCommerce store.

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  1. Good collection of themes. Although, it’s all from BigCommerce themes store. If anyone is looking for some more options – PSDCenter is a great option. I have used one of their themes for my store and it’s awesome!

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