Get The Most Out Of Top Shopify Apps

5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Top Shopify Apps 

Are you seeking for the best and most used Top Shopify apps? We know that without the correct tools, your revenue won’t grow, so we’ve done a lot of research to uncover the top Shopify apps for increasing sales. 

Are you having trouble writing those important emails, or you don’t have enough customer reviews? Do You need help with Google Shopify Ads? You’re in luck, Shopify App Store contains all of the tools you’ll need to be successful. While browsing the Shopify app store, you’ll come across a variety of tools that will walk you through each stage of the process of getting your shop to the top.

Let’s take a closer look at what these apps have to offer. We can gain a better grasp of how things should be done right by exploring a range of Shopify Apps. Koala Apps has created a method for speeding up and simplifying the checkout process. We can do so thanks to Skip to Checkout! The Skip to Checkout application lets us avoid all the steps needed to check out by directing us straight to the checkout page. You will gain more customers by giving them an easy way to checkout. 

Shopify apps have such a big influence on merchants, that a high percentage of them claim they rely on them to run their operations. Thousands of Shopify apps are available today assisting merchants in starting businesses, selling more, increasing their revenue, and improving every minute with time management! Most Shopify Apps offer free trials, low prices, and annual or monthly subscriptions. These apps will assist you in promoting your store, selling your products, rewarding your consumers, managing inventory, and shipping in order to increase your revenue.

Each Shopify app offers different benefits and is customizable for the needs of your Shopify shop. Specific apps to help you gain emails, for example, SM: Email Marketing and Pop-ups. There are also Apps that help import reviews for customers, for example, Reviews & UGC , which collects and uses the User-Generated Content that matters most to your customers.

You are one step closer to improving your store by being ahead of the game and creating the best Shopify shop in 2021. Neil Patel recommends the best apps in the Shopify app store. When merchants visit the Shopify App Store, they can search for apps by using categories. These categories in the app store are designed to help merchants find apps that meet their specific needs.

If you are trying to grow your Shopify shop and have them stand out from other Shops, Shopify apps help you optimize your content and get an insight into winning Shopify shops. Neil Patel recommends Sumo, Smile, Stamped, Printful, Plugin Seo, Sales Rocket, Kit, SEO Site Audit, and Push Owl and gives a detailed explanation on why it’s important for your Shopify shop

5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Shopify Apps

Tip #1 

Find an app according to the topic of choice and dive deeper into what the functions are. By reading each explanation we are able to gain a better understanding of what the app can provide us including the functions, how to set the app and a more detailed description of how it is beneficial.

Tip #2  

Go straight to the negative review section and take a look at the problems. Negative reviews are extremely beneficial before purchasing an app. Before buying anything, clothes, food, or even accessories we always want to see what past customers have to say. Spend your money wisely! Another idea to consider is taking a look at the problems the app has or has had in the past. We want to be informed with this information before moving forward with the purchase. Reviews lead to decision-making in any purchase.

Tip #3 

Check out the pricing, how flexible the price is, and the upgrade price. There is a wide range of apps that are priced differently. Different apps provide different upgrade plans, free trial options, and flexibility of price. Then decide if you want either a monthly or annual plan according to your needs.

Tip #4 

The Integration section informs you with what other apps the app works with. This gives you an idea of how popular the app is on social media platforms. When working with other Shopify apps gives you the ability to grow your shop and attract more customers. 

Tip #5 

Check out example stores to see how the app works before continuing to checkout. Checking example stores helps us get a better idea and taste of how the app works. 

How To Navigate Our Way Through The Shopify App Store! 

 Navigating your way through the Shopify app store can be complicated and time-consuming, but don’t worry we are here to help your search flow smoothly. There are many things to consider when moving forward with your app of choice and you should take into consideration the functions provided on the app, negative reviews, pricing, integration section, and taking a look at the store examples. Many Shopify apps provide an X amount of trial days to get a better feeling of the app before purchasing. The main purpose of a free trial is to allow users to ensure it is the right app for them before continuing and making a purchase. 

What are the best applications and how do we find this out? The top three best Apps are, Dsers-AliExpress Dropping, and Vitals: 40+ Marketing Apps. The way we find this information out is by taking a good look at how many stars they are given and reviews listed.   Let’s take a quick look at what the top three Apps are and what each has to offer. Judge.Me helps us collect and display star ratings and reviews about the products and Shopify store. Vitals:40+ Marketing Apps – improves SEO, makes checking out easier, and offers deals such as free shipping and 3o day money-back guarantee. DSers-AliExpress Dropshipping gives you the opportunity to import new products easily, manage multiple Shopify stores, and have no limit to the number of orders you have.

Follow the steps below to locate the Shopify app store.

Step #1 Go directly to your Shopify shop and click on apps.

Shopify shop and click on apps


Step #2 Click on View more apps in this collection

View more apps in this collection

Why Use The Koala Inspector?

The Koala Inspector helps you save time and the hassle that we don’t have to bother with. Installing the Koala Inspector tool can give you a better understanding of how to set up your Shopify store and how to effectively manage it with no problems. The tool helps you find out about your competitors, identify niche opportunities, such as what trends, products, and supplies will make you the most money. We are able to then gain knowledge on how to improve your site collection and campaigns. 

Check out what customers have to say about the Koala Inspector!


top shopiffy apps


After downloading the Koala Inspector, click on the extension and find out which Apps are listed. Let’s take a look at Olly on the Koala Inspector. The structure tab displays a list of Shopify apps to use for the specific shop. Examples are Research Subscription, letting customers fully manage their subscriptions directly from your store. Klaviyo is a marketing platform for sending out personalized emails, SMS, signup forms, and more, and Zendesk enables customer interactions across messaging, phone, chat, email, social media, and other channels.


koala inspector screenshot


The apps located on the Shopify apps store can be messy, complicated, and unorganized. Why deal with this when you can have the best experience when running your shop. We are here to help you and make life easier. 

There are a variety of apps that the Shopify app store provides, but why choose Koala Inspector? Well, guess what! I am here to tell you why! Koala Inspector can help find discounts for Shopify apps when you click on the App Discount tab. The Koala Inspector lets you discover which Shopify apps are running on a specific Shopify store, as well as what theme is being used. Once you follow this step, a list of recommended apps will appear and from there you can explore the different Apps. How much easier can it be?  

Where Can You Get The Best Discounts for Your Shopify Shop?

Looking for ways to save time and increase sales for your Shopify shop? Introducing the Koala Inspector App Discount tab. A jaw dropping must have tool, Koala Inspector has partnered with the best of the best Shopify apps and services to provide you with the best discounts on tools, strategies, and ways to improve your Shopify shop and make your life easier. The App Discounts tab gives you coupons and discounts on top eCommerce tools to operate your online shop.

 The Koala Inspector groups together all the discounts from different app developers to make it easier for you. We want you to take advantage of this feature to improve your Shopify shopping experience. The Koala Inspector gives you a variety of options to choose from so go ahead and explore. What’s better than saving money, time, and effort? Open the Koala Extension and click App Discounts on the bottom left and take a look at the list of apps provided to get discounts and coupons on popular apps, marketing analytics, inventory assistance, and dropshipping tools. For example, the Koala Inspector App Discounts offer Loox, Shopify Shop,  BeProfit Profit Calc & Reports, PageFly Landing Page Builder, Billo, and ReConvert Upsell & Cross-Sell. 

Let’s take a look at what each of these applications offers, Loox offers a 30 day trial period, Shopify Shops offer a 14 day free trial and only $1 for your first month, BeProfit offers 20% lifetime discounts, PageFly offers 20% lifetime discount, Reconvert offers a 15% discount, and Billo provides custom made videos to help sell more. All these opportunities are a great way to improve your Shopify shop.


koala inspector screenshot3

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