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Bigcommerce WordPress All in One!

BigCommerce has developed a new plugin for WordPress, and everyone is going crazy about it. Bigcommerce’s WordPress combines WordPress customizability with BigCommerce’s capabilities, making it one of the best tools to use when selling things in the different eCommerce platforms. The trend right now is mixing the platforms used to build your eCommerce and your brand in order to make your life easier. Let’s forget the days when a BigCommerce account had to sell through a BigCommerce site. By making their API available, BigCommerce allows stores to appear anywhere and in any form.

BigCommerce and WordPress combination will give you the freedom to focus on what your store offers and your marketing strategy, while BigCommerce takes care of the difficult part of managing your shopping cart, payment gateways, catalog, etc.

Benefits of using BigCommerce WordPress plugin 

You get the best of both worlds

With BigCommerce’s WordPress plugin, you will be able to provide eCommerce experiences to your customers through WordPress and manage eCommerce related tasks through BigCommerce, improving your eCommerce performance and reducing black-end bloat.

This integration gives eCommerce the opportunity to expand, allowing developers to combine the customizability and robustness of WordPress with BigCommerce’s flexible, scalable and feature-rich eCommerce engine.

Sell everywhere

BigCommerce’s WordPress plugin allows you put your products on social platforms like Instagram or Facebook, as well as marketplaces like Amazon, Google Shopping or Ebay. This way you can advertise on Google by connecting your site’s catalog, and the Google Ads extension will create targeted ads so you can get your products in front of the right people right when they are searching for your products.

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Don’t worry about maintenance

BigCommerce is a hosted eCommerce platform, which means it’s not your duty to manage or maintain it. It’s also more secure and comes with shared SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth and a content delivery network. However, you will still need to find a hosting provider for the WordPress part of your website.

Create complex catalogs

Have access to advanced eCommerce features without the need to install plugins or code. BigCommerce’s eCommerce engine gives you features such as real-time shipping calculations, order status updates or label printing.

Build a site that suits your taste

WordPress holds more than half of the market share worldwide, and that’s not a coincidence. It’s simple to use, intuitive and it has many complementary plugins and themes so you can customize your site as you want. You can find everything you need in their system, both for technical and non-technical users. The customization options are endless.

Track your store’s performance

Through BigCommerce Analytics feature you can access data for targeting customers, creating market segments and driving sales!


bigcommerce wordpress


Choose your integrations and applications

BigCommerce allows you choose from apps to connect with your online store. From marketing to inventory, shipping to accounting apps, you can use these apps for everything. Variety is huge, and you have all the power. Some of them are for free while others have a monthly fee, it’s up to you to choose which apps will you connect with to help your business succeed.

Control everything through our control panel

Manage multiple sites from one control panel. BigCommerce WordPress gives you a single control panel to manage everything from your catalog to your shipping details and orders.


bigcommerce wordpress


Easy payment gateways

BigCommerce provides pre-negotiated credit card processing rates for all their customers, as well as competitive card rates with PayPal and other alternative options like invoicing or financing payments. They have over 65 payment gateway integrations! You can also benefit from Apple or Amazon pay, which can help you grow your mobile conversions.

Don’t forget about security! BigCommerce WordPress comes with multiple layers of protection against fraud and shields you from chargeback fees and lost revenues.

Choose your favorite BigCommerce WordPress theme

BigCommerce WordPress plugin will work with any WordPress theme. However, we recommend that you choose a cross-browser compatible theme, since the theme options included will be a better match.

You can find the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin in the WordPress plugin repository. It’s under active development, so new features will be available on a regular basis. Integrating the two platforms is as easy as installing the WordPress plugin and following the setup wizard.

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