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The 10 best bots for Google Chat 

Introduction to Google Chat

Google Chat (formerly known as Google Hangouts Chat) is a collaboration tool within the Google Workspace ecosystem for team communication. It’s included with paid G suite account so if your company has one you can directly start using Bost Google Chat by visiting

Google Chat has rooms, similar to Slack channels for organizing specific groups or teams into them and facilitating communication. You can collaborate in dedicated rooms for keeping projects and teams organized and up-to-date at any moment.

Bots for Google Chat

Like all collaboration and communication tools, Google Chat is offering a wide range of integrations and bots to add to your chat for automating processes, improving productivity, and generally making your life and work a bit easier!

For exploring and adding bots for Google Chat you only have to click on the “+” symbol you will find on the left sidebar and then on the “Find a bot” option. A window will open with all the bots available for you to look for.

We gathered a list with the best Bots for Google Chat available out there for your team.

Clever ads logoClever Ads

Clever Ads is already integrating with the most used communication tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, so it couldn’t be excluded from Google Chat Bot. By adding Clever Ads’ bot on your Google Chat you will be able to integrate your preferred advertising channels (such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Microsoft Ads) with your chat in order to receive reports and alerts. It’s a must-have tool for marketing teams and agencies. Some of the highlight features are the scheduled reports and the configuration of your own custom alerts.

daily botDaily Bot

A daily Bot is a great tool for improving collaboration and boosting productivity. No matter what team you belong to, engineering, human resources, or management this bot is a tool you can benefit from. There are a variety of features for you and your team to make use of. Daily standups to keep track of everyone’s status and progress, track the team’s mood, identify quickly all the possible blockers and also give easily positive feedback for recognition and appreciation.  Being able to keep everyone in the team updated is significant especially for teams who work remotely. Organization and synchronization are key and you can achieve it by choosing the right tools.


Salesforce’s bots for Google Chat will permit you to search for accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities in the platform. It’s a great tool to provide customer relationship management (CRM) software and applications focused on sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. It also permits you to build a Tableau analytics in order to make it easy and accessible for everyone and notice when something atypical is detected. 

The integration with Google Chat allows you to have all of the above completely free of charge. 


Giphy is a fun collaboration chat site such as Google Chat. Apart from helping boost productivity are also a great way to build relationships and engage employees. Let’s not neglect this side of chats! What a better way to bring some fun into communication with colleagues by using Giphy! One of my team’s favorites for sure! With Giphy’s bot for Google Chat, you can use keywords directly into the chat for searching the best fit GIF for every occasion. A great way to bring some color and movement to your chats and team rooms!


Zendesk’s bots for Google Chat that improves customer service. It is a software that allows you to meet the needs of the customer allowing you to learn to prepare your team for success and keep your company in perfect sync. It also permits you to help you resolve any customer issues in an optimal way.  There are a bunch of features like analytics which let you quickly access the customer data, knowledge-base, messaging, etc.


Zapier’s bots for Google Chat connects two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without the need for developer intervention or coding. Some of the features it has are: automation, customer emails, marketing strategy. These features help your team to be more focused and have less frustration, besides getting more conversion and less chaos.



To wrap things up…

Platforms such as Google Chat are nowadays an indispensable tool for teams if you want to guarantee efficient collaboration and communication between team members. Now more than ever with remote work spike after the pandemic. For that reason also most of the team SaaS are looking to integrate with chats, in order to offer even more flexibility and advantages to their users. For that reason, make sure you check if the rest of the tools you’re using within your team, integrate with Google Chat in order to benefit from their features.

If you don’t use google chat yet, we recommend you to do so. Nowadays most digital brands use it to collaborate and communicate in an easy and optimal way. Your company needs to be on the flow of communications tools.

Make sure you also take a look at this article for more detailed descriptions on how to add bots for Google Chat.

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