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How to benefit from ChatGPT in your online campaigns

Surely (if you live on planet Earth) you have already heard about the latest in AI-based technology – ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer), the prototype of which was launched in late 2022. The wave of reactions it has provoked has been both positive and negative, because as more and more AI-based technology is released, there has to be a conversation about how we can use this technology and these tools to have a positive impact on our daily lives, minimizing the negative impact. Now, as for the workplace… Have you wondered yet how you could benefit from ChatGPT in your business? ChatGPt has a great potential for positive influence in our homes and workplaces, but, before we see how we can benefit from this powerful tool in our online marketing campaigns, let’s see what it is, its limitations and some facts.

What is ChatGPT?

Before using ChatGPT as a co-pilot in your marketing campaigns, it helps to know what it is and its limitations. ChatGPT can be your ally in target studies, market research, copywriting for A/B testing… But what is ChatGPT really?

We are talking about an artificial intelligence that has been trained to talk to you, that is, to have conversations in a natural way. This means that you just have to ask questions in a conversational way and ChatGPT will understand them and answer you. It is a chat system based on the GPT-3 AI language model, created by the company OpenAI. It is a model with more than 175 billion parameters, and well trained. It has been trained with large amounts of text to perform language-related tasks, from translation to original and unique text generation. Partnering with an artificial intelligence development company can further enhance the capabilities of ChatGPT and tailor it to specific business needs, ensuring optimal performance and customization for your marketing initiatives.

Limitations of ChatGPT

Seen this way, you may think that ChatGPT is an unstoppable machine, but it has just been born and it has its limitations, starting, as it is logical in these early stages, by the inaccuracy of its answers in some occasions.

Lack of common sense

ChatGPT, after all, is intelligent, but it is still a machine, so it is not able to understand the world as humans do, and as a result, it can make mistakes or produce nonsense answers.

Difficulty in handling long-term dependencies

ChatGPT has been trained to generate text from the information it receives, but may have trouble with tasks that require a deeper understanding of context or long-term dependencies.

Data bias

ChatGPT is only as good as the data it is trained on, which means that it can be affected by biases present in that data.

Limited flexibility:

ChatGPT is trained to generate text based on a specific task or target, and may struggle with tasks that are outside its scope or require a high degree of flexibility.


Is ChatGPT better than Google?

It should be clarified that ChatGPT is not a search engine like Google, so it is not intended for the same purposes. Google is a powerful search engine that allows you to find information online by searching for keywords or phrases. It is designed to help users find the most relevant and valuable results for their search queries based on a wide range of factors. Now, with the addition of ChatGPT to Bing, Google has had to get moving with the creation of its own AI, called Barb. Game changer!

Having all this clear, let’s move on to the most interesting part of this post….

How can I use ChatGPT in my online marketing and social ads campaigns?

ChatGPT can be a useful tool for content generation in online marketing campaigns. It is a deeply trained language model that can provide more personalized and relevant content for your marketing campaigns. To use it effectively, try preparing key questions and answers for your campaigns and then train ChatGPT to answer these questions. This will allow it to create richer and more accurate content for your ads.

ChatGPT + Clever Ads: AI-based campaigns

At Clever Ads, we have been using GPT models for two years now, i.e. the same technology on which ChatGPT is based to do our experiments with texts ads (titles and descriptions), as well as to make personalized suggestions to our clients for all the texts of their ad campaigns on both Google and Microsoft (and recently TikTok). It is also used in our product description enhancement/extension tool, very interesting for online stores, as well as to give feedback to our clients’ websites about what they are missing or missing, allowing the online business to get more site reviews.

In conclusion…

In short, CHatGPT is here to stay, and you can rest on your laurels or complain about the innovation that (according to some) will take away our work, or study how it works and benefit from it, either for content creation, or to test your ads or even improve the SEO of your website.

However, why break your head if Clever Ads, where they have been working with the same ChatGPT technology for more than two years, can give you a hand with your campaigns? You can save all this learning process by automating your Google Ads, Microsoft Ads or TikTok Ads campaigns with Clever Ads, including implicitly the automation with GPT-3.5 technology. Simple and automatic. If this post has been interesting for you, click here for Bing News.

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