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Bing news: the new AI search engine that will change everything

We all recently experienced the birth and takeoff of ChatGPT, a very powerful tool. After Bing’s press conference yesterday, we now know the new version of the search engine, which will use this technology to become the search engine of reference. Will these Bing news  manage to unseat Google?

With this integration, Bing tells us that we will be able to ask its search engine to create a menu for a restaurant, help us plan a trip, create a trivia game for a night out with friends or write code as if we were professionals in the sector. 

Basically, Microsoft establishes this alliance with this conversational AI to create a new way of surfing the web. Users will be able to chat with Bing in the same way as with ChatGPT, asking questions and receiving answers in natural language.


bing news

As we said, yesterday we learned about the alliance between Bing and OpenAI to improve the entire search platform through artificial intelligence. This is a new next-generation model language, much more powerful (or so they say) than ChatGPT itself, having been designed specifically and primarily for search.

“The race starts today, we’re going to move, and move fast. Most importantly, we want to have fun innovating again in search, because it’s about time.” Microsoft CEO Nadella.

What are the 4 main new features of Bing?

Natella, CEO of Microsoft, spoke yesterday about the four main advantages that the Bing search engine will incorporate with the union with OpenAI:

  1. A better search experience.
  2. It doesn’t just give search results, but answers the user’s questions. 3.
  3. Ease of use when using this chat feature and conversing naturally with the searcher.
  4. It will automatically generate content to help the user in their first steps.

In addition to the new Bing, Microsoft is launching two new AI-enhanced features for its Edge browser: “chat” and “compose”. These will be integrated into the Edge sidebar.

Microsoft says all of these features are based on an enhanced version of GPT 3.5, the OpenAI AI language model that ChatGPT uses. Microsoft calls it the “Prometheus model” and claims it is more powerful than GPT 3.5 and can better respond to search queries with updated information and annotated answers.

“Chat” allows users to summarize the web page or document they are viewing and ask questions about its content, while “compose” acts as a writing assistant, helping to generate text, from emails to social media posts, based on a few initial instructions.

The main difference with Google:

The example given during the press conference was to ask the Bing search engine about furniture that fits in the trunk of a specific car, dropping that indexing in Bing from now on will be much better than Google’s.


chatgpt bing

A three-year partnership

Altman, CEO of OpenAI made it clear that this partnership is not something that was born overnight, but that the two companies have been collaborating together for three years, and the integration of the Bing search engine and ChatGPT had been orchestrated for months. He also explained how OpenAI has worked for Microsoft to bring AI into the hands of millions of people through Bing and Azure.

Can I try the Bing + ChatGPT integration today?

You can already test Bing with AI via this link for a few questions, while also entering our email to get on the waiting list for its final and fully revamped version..


example bing chatgpt

Take advantage of this technology for Microsoft Ads as well

This explosive combination is not just about Bing’s search engine innovations, but is also extrapolated as a technology in Microsoft Ads. Clever Ads has been working with OpenAI for more than a year to take advantage of all its technologies in your Microsoft campaigns. 

If you found this information interesting, discover all the new features of Microsoft Ads during 2022 and 2023 and maximize your online marketing budget.

Google’s counterattack!

This announcement of the new version of Bing comes amidst a flurry of AI-related activity, not only from Microsoft, but also from its main rival, Google. ChatGPT was released last November 2022, and with this tool, general interest in AI text processing skyrocketed. and Microsoft has been quick to partner with this tool.

However, Google, while lagging a bit behind, has already taken matters into its own hands and its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who have been a bit absent for some time, have been called in to address this threatening situation. In an attempt to pre-empt Microsoft’s announcement, Google yesterday unveiled its own ChatGPT, called Bard.  Sundar Pichai, CEO of the Internet giant described its new software as an “experimental conversational AI service,” but noted that it was still being tested by a small group of users and would not be launched more broadly until the next few weeks.

The future of AI-driven searches

Now it’s time to ask questions like…

  • Are artificial intelligence chatbots a good substitute for search? 
  • How will this technology adapt to current methods of searching for information on the Internet, and what will happen if it makes mistakes?

Microsoft addressed these and other issues in its presentation, stating that they are working hard to guard against risks such as bias and jailbreaking (tricking AI chatbots into ignoring filters intended to prevent them from generating dangerous or hateful content). 

“With this product, we’ve gone further than ever before in developing methods for measuring and mitigating risk,” said Sarah Bird, head of AI at Azure.

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