Meet the Clever team!

Meet the Clever Team: what is Clever Ads? 

We are a company committed to the utmost effort, hard work, and personalized attention to each of our clients to ensure that they can meet their goals and successfully enhance their business. Founded in 2012, Clever Ads has experienced exponential growth both in our work team made up of numerous professionals from different areas of digital marketing and in our portfolio of clients, which grows bigger every year because of our values, our work, and our trust. 

How do we work?

Clever Ads Team has developed the most innovative PPC automation software to create Google Ads and Microsoft Ads campaigns for eCommerce, among other tools. The Clever team works with 100% PPC Automation. Let’s break it down: 

35% technical development.

Our technical team has extensive experience working with different APIs. They focus on development that addresses the needs of eCommerce businesses. 

20% Digital Marketing

Our marketing team interacts with our customers and communities across multiple digital channels.

25% Machine Learning 

Our data science team takes a multidisciplinary approach to using the power of Big Data to automatically create and improve campaign performance. 

20% Account management 

Our account managers are Google Ads and Microsoft Ads experts who have the most up-to-date knowledge of both platforms features and updates.

Who are we?

Founders: CEO, CTO and COO

Our company was founded by three adventurers who spotted a need and set out to solve it. They invested their time and resources in forming Clever, and it’s been ten years since then!

Account Managers

We have a team of four terrific Google Ads and Microsoft Ads-certified account managers.

They are responsible for taking care of our customers. They create, manage, and optimize their campaigns while helping them with everything they need in Google Ads & Microsoft Ads. They’re the heart behind the Clever campaigns!


Our developers come from our offices around the world. They work with Python and Ruby programming languages.

They are the part of the Clever team that generates and executes ideas. They always work with sincere passion.

Product Managers

We also have our product experts, also known as Product Managers. 

They take care of our integrations with Slack, MS Teams, the app, all the tools that we come up with. They put all their love into the product, and they take care of the user’s journey and happiness.


And what would a company be without a marketing department? Promotions, email campaigns, social networks, partnerships, and SEO are essential facets of any company. Our marketing team spends their days struggling with the ever-changing trends and innovations that the internet has to offer. 

That’s the Clever team! We share a passion and enthusiasm for our job and we’re very happy to be a part of the band. Together we get the job done and no challenge is too big!

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