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Google AdWords Promo Code Available for free

Surely at some point in your life you have seen promotional codes (also known as coupons) on the Internet, magazines, newspapers… etc, for restaurants, hotels and different activities.

In the same way Google offers us a promotional code to use when we advertise on its platform and… that is that Who doesn’t like discounts? Use our Google ads promo code!

In this post we are going to tell you how to get this coupon for your campaigns in Google Ads so… Keep reading!

What is a Google Ads Promo Code?

Google offers us several advantages when we start advertising on his platforms and one of those advantages is the promotional code which is basically a monetary credit that is added to the advertiser’s account once it has complied with the terms and conditions requested by Google.

Most of these promotional codes must be used within 14 days from the creation of the Google Ads account since they have an expiration date and Google does not accept replacement of this code so… be careful with that and use the code as soon as possible!

How to get the Google AdWords Promo Code offered by Clever Ads?

There are many ways to get the Google Ads promotional code, the main and easiest one is to sign up at our promotion landing page with your Google Ads account and then… the promotional code will arrive in your email! 

Here are other ways to get this coupon!

  • Magazines, newspapers and catalogs specialized in marketing: this is very usual nowadays and in these kind of publications you will find different types of coupons.
  • Working with specialized companies which they normally have the Premier Google Partner batch. These companies have access to these coupons by having direct contact with Google and part of their growth programs. We are Premier Google Partner! Did you know that?
  • Official Google events, like ¨Google Academies¨ where they give promotional codes to attendees.

Where to activate the Promotional Code?

Here are the steps of where and how use your Google Ads promo code:

Once you have sign up at our web with your Google Ads account…

  1. Log in with your Google Ads account. 
  2. Click on tools and then select “Billing and payments”. 
  3. In the menu on the left you select settings. 
  4. Click on “Manage promotional codes”. 
  5. Enter the promotional code (coupon).
  6. Click on save

As you can see obtaining and applying a Google Ads promo code is not complicated and so you can start advertising your ads on Google right now!

Here you have a Google Ads Coupon that you can use for your first campaign!

What can you do next? Let’s take advantage of your Google AdWords promo code and have your Google Ads automation campaigns created in less than a couple days.

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