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Facebook Ads VS. Instagram Ads: What is more Profitable?

Social media ads are here to stay, so if you want to grow your business on Instagram and Facebook, you must keep up with the latest advertising trends on both platforms. Your potential customers are already using Facebook and Instagram, so why not start analyzing both platforms, draw in new followers and turn interactions into conversions? Facebook Ads VS. Instagram Ads! Keep reading!

Keep reading to learn more about why your business should take advantage of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, how these two ads differ, and how to optimize them.

Good Reasons to Invest in Social Media Advertising 

Facebook and Instagram have evolved over a decade, especially when talking about features that can help your business grow. According to Backlinko, around 57% of the world’s total population are active users on social media in 2021. Facebook is the leading social media platform with over 2.9 billion monthly active users, followed by Youtube (2.3 billion) and Whatsappp (2 billion). So what about Instagram? It ranks 6th with around 1 billion users accessing the app monthly, which is somewhat intriguing because this number equals  the number of users who access Tik Tok monthly, which was released only five years ago. 

While Instagram has grown to 2 million advertisers, over 3 million are already using Facebook to connect with their audiences and accelerate the process of building brand awareness. What does this mean? Your competitors are currently engaging your potential customers in-platform, so don’t waste your time and stand out from the rest! 

  • Target your audience: Do you know your buyer persona? Having a clear picture of who you are selling to will help you to choose the right social media platform for your business. For example, if you are trying to reach younger audiences, it is better to focus on Instagram or even Tik Tok, rather than Facebook. Although there are billions of users, the great advantage of advertising in Social Media is that they collect user data to target ads and keep them relevant to each audience. So, consider doing some research on your users’ demographics.
  • Retargeting ads: Marketers use this type of advertising campaign to engage users who have previously visited your profile or are familiar with your products. This also involves people based on matched interests or in the lookalike audience of previous buyers. Remarketing or retargeting ads are more likely to convert. 
  • Drive traffic to your site: Use Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads to effectively direct traffic to your domain. Positioning your site in Google results is not enough! In addition to your SEO strategy, create quality content on social media to promote it and make your product landings as successful as they deserve to be. 


Differences Between Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

When you are deciding which platform is better for your business, it’s common to have doubts and questions. For instance, which one is more profitable for my business? How much should I invest in each one? Should I bet on both?

Before getting creative and deciding on your social media posting strategy, think about this. What do the numbers say about ad placement, conversions and ad spend?

Ad spend: According to Social Media Insider, throughout the years, Facebook ad spend has increased by 7.16%, while Instagram has surpassed that number with 8.69%. Instagram also doubles CPC (Cost per click). You may be wondering, since Instagram ads have a higher cost, does this mean that they are more successful? Let’s pay attention to Click-through Rate!

Conversions and ad placement: CTR is a good performance indicator of your ads performance. Facebook has a CTR of 3.06% and Instagram 0.68%. This means that Facebook advertising campaigns have higher chances of converting. In fact, advertisers invest their money on Facebook Feed, which has also the higher CRT with 4.70%. 

Regarding Instagram, let’s continue with advertisers’ ad placements preferences! Although brands prefer to invest their budget in the feed placement, if you are looking for Instagram ads that convert, you should consider choosing Instagram Stories. It is the ad placement which converts the most since it has the highest CTR on Instagram with an average of 0.76%. 

Keep in mind that unlike Instagram, Facebook posts have clickable links, even in non-paid posts. Using Instagram Ads allows you to turn your published or unpublished posts for your feed into ads and add a Call To Action button to direct traffic to your site. 

Engagement: If you are brand new and you are focused on growing your brand awareness, I recommend you to consider video marketing. Prepare an ad magnet to reach new accounts. For example, you can create Instagram Reels about your niche without mentioning your brand. Here are some ideas:

  • Think of your customers biggest challenges
  • State an opinion that matches your customers’ ones
  • Inspire your audience with tips and suggestions

It’s also important to give your viewers something that extends beyond the actual advertisement.  To encourage consumers to interact with and even save ads for further reference which can aid building trust and fostering a closer connection with your audience This way the right people will be interested in getting that information, you will give consistency to your community and it will be easier to turn them into customers.

How to Manage Ads in both platforms

After creating compelling Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads to reach your business goals and target audience, it is now time to manage your campaigns and get useful insights. 

Facebook’s Business Manager: Since Instagram and Facebook belong to Meta, you can simplify the whole process by creating a Facebook Business Manager account and use the FBM Suite to create campaigns. You can manage multiple Facebook pages or Instagram Business profiles. 

If you are an ads beginner, here is our recommendation: 

Clever Ads Mobile App: Marketers often try several ad platforms to run their campaigns. Using an Ads Manager can group in one place not only Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, but also Google Ads, Twitter Ads and Microsoft Ads. 

View and manage the performance of your advertising strategy and create alerts for specific metrics. Then, improve and optimize the results with personalized recommendations for your campaigns. It is a user-friendly app with a simple and practical design so you won’t get lost!

Forget about switching from one app to another, instead work on your ads through one single platform and from anywhere! 


  1. Instagram advertising is a form of social media advertising that allows businesses to promote their products or services on the platform.

  2. This blog is a far-reaching manual for figuring out the vital contrasts between Facebook Promotions and Instagram Promotions! Your one next to the other examination of the two stages and their particular assets is extraordinarily useful for advertisers like me.

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