Digital marketing trends

Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

Whether you sell products or services, digital marketing trends are something you can’t ignore. These will only become more relevant as the year progresses and fall arrives, with holiday sales and other key dates such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The pandemic seems to have finally passed, but there remains a remnant of COVID-19 that has affected our way of thinking, living, and of course, consuming. Considering that the trend is for people to do more and more shopping online, it’s still important to stay on top of everything new, don’t you think. To help you do so, we’ve put together a list of the top trends to watch out for this year… Take note!

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TikTok consolidates its position 

TikTok appeared in 2018, and it is already the most powerful trending social network among young people (not to mention globally). This 2023, TikTok is expected to far exceed the current figure of 1 billion users, so if you haven’t implemented TikTok in your marketing strategies yet, what are you waiting for? It is the most important digital marketing trend of the year to take into account.

With TikTok you will be able to reach a large young audience immediately and effectively through short content, promoting products and services of all kinds. Keep in mind that the king of this social network is creativity. You will have a lot of resources, your brand will be able to create personalized content that, at the same time, fits your target audience.

New Google Analytics 4

The new generation of Google Analytics will be a reality from summer 2023. Google already warned us that this would happen, and we, for one, have been practicing with the new version of the quintessential data analysis tool all year.

This update to Universal Google Analytics is also a major digital marketing trend for 2023, as it allows you to link Google Optimize, BigQuery and your Google Merchant Center to the tool. However, it requires patience and training, as it comes with a lot of changes and many new things compared to the previous version.

What do we like most about Google Analytics 4? The new custom reports, with which you can make a better predictive analysis of your results and attribution models, among many other things.

Sales team & marketing team: same objectives

It is logical to think that better communication and cooperation between people and teams will give the best results in any field, isn’t it? Individualized management and work processes are dead, because if there is cooperation and a good flow of information, there is greater control over the entire purchasing process, and that is what we want, right? Greater efficiency.

If your teams share objectives, you’ll get better results. This is not new, but it seems that over the last few years the value of unifying objectives and processes to maximize results is already being attributed. Align your sales and marketing teams. Now.

Build loyalty: more & better

Just because online shopping has been boosted by the Coronavirus does not mean that we can slacken our loyalty efforts. On the contrary. The more demand, the more competition. The fact is that during 2023 the number of existing online stores is expected to increase dramatically and, although none of them will be another Amazon (or maybe they will be, look at the example of the boom that SHEIN, for example, has made during 2022), we must continue to make an effort in loyalty, a digital marketing trend that will never go out of fashion.

If this argument hasn’t convinced you, let’s look at some of the main benefits of a good loyalty strategy:

  • Reduces marketing spend: it is cheaper to build loyalty with existing customers than to acquire new customers from scratch.
  • Improves customer lifetime value.
  • Increases the average value of each purchase and the frequency between purchases.
  • The brand will have a more stable revenue.

Google Updates

Another aspect that we should not lose sight of every year, are the new Google updates. By 2023 Google will be looking to improve search results, and all its changes will be in pursuit of improving usability and user experience. We will have to stay tuned!

SEO automation

This may be the solution to the above. If you invest in artificial intelligence and SEO automation tools + in a team of specialists in that sense, Google’s new algorithms and updates will not catch you totally by surprise and you will be able to react in time.

Process automation

Over the years there are more and more tools that can help us automate processes and actions, and thus reduce costs and time, as well as optimize resources. By automating actions and processes, a digital marketing trend, as well as loyalty, which never goes out of fashion, your marketing team will be able to focus on more important things, such as achieving objectives and results with customers. Currently there are resources that allow you to automate virtually any type of campaign. Have you tried Clever Ads? You will be able to automate your PPC campaigns, among many other things, and they are free tools! 

The rise of account-based marketing

Another very important digital marketing trend for 2023 will be to give relevance to account-based marketing. Do you know what it is? Account-based marketing (ABM) is a type of marketing that allows us to design exactly what types of customers or accounts we want to target through a combination of content marketing, technology and commercial action.

It is mostly used by SME (small & medium-sized enterprises) with a small number of potential customers.  ABM, for companies of this size, is usually more effective than traditional marketing, as it allows us to be much more specific. 

More intelligent & automated bidding

Many analytics actions today are done manually, but in 2023 it is intended to increasingly automate, for example, advertising bids. Google advocates intelligent bidding based on previously obtained results. You can of course keep the manual bid adjustment, but if you find it a tedious job (believe me, sometimes adjusting bids if you have a lot of active campaigns can be exhausting), you can opt for smart bidding, for which Google uses machine learning and machine learning and will adjust, based on your collected data, your bids in real time. 

The aim is to obtain more intelligent and automated bids and thus make things easier for marketing teams, for whom data analysis will be simpler.

More Big Data, more information

Google increasingly values the proactivity of companies when it comes to collecting data from their customers. You can use forms, web logs, social networks…. Customer data is gold!

However, basic information has gone out of fashion, who does not give out their email lightly in order to get a discount? At this point in the movie, everyone! By 2023, the use (even more) of Big Data is being pursued to get more interesting data, to form a valuable and large database. The more information you have about your target customer, the more data your sales and marketing teams will have to reach them and deliver exactly what they want, when they want it, and in the right way.

Brand equity becomes essential

Do you know what brand equity is? It is the additional value that a product or service gets for being of a certain brand. That is, the influence and respect that the name of your company has, increases the value of what you offer, and it is something that is increasingly valued by users, especially young users. If you enhance your brand image you will boost the customer’s confidence in the purchase decision, it’s as simple as that. The higher the brand value, the easier it will be to attract investors and influencers who want to count on you. Brand equity has always been there, but it is reinforced with social networks like TikTok and with the existence of brand ambassadors as close as influencers, right at our fingertips on our cell phones, directly in our pockets. Its importance is growing, so don’t think twice and create an advantage over your competitors.

Privacy, the main concern of users

Last but not least, users’ privacy. This issue has been a digital marketing trend for the last two years, and users demand more transparency to have confidence in a brand before deciding to buy. Keep in mind that there are many businesses, many scams, and many different products on the web.

All brands are committed to ensuring the security of their users’ data, privacy regulations must be complied with (the whole fight with the GDPR and the Cookies update of the last two years), and we must continue to work on it.


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