The Best Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas Are Here!

February 14th is approaching… Do you have any Valentine’s Day marketing ideas yet?


Tomorrow is already February 14, but… Don’t worry! There are some last minute Valentine’s Day marketing ideas that, hopefully, will give you enough time to prepare and surprise your customers. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate friendship, love and sharing kindness, which is always appreciated, don’t you think? Your brand doesn’t need to sell chocolate or heart-shaped cushions to win over customers on Valentine’s Day, take it from us!

Just get creative and experiment a little.

Get the creative juices flowing!

The best advice any marketer can give you when it comes to preparing your Valentine’s Day ads is to know that it’s absolutely acceptable to push the boundaries a bit when it comes to crafting your creative and slogans.

Obviously, what every marketer wants is for their brand to look authentic. Always remember that customers get a little wary when a brand starts experimenting too much with creatives and banners, or when a social media post seems forced and unnatural. What does this mean? Always stay true to your brand’s voice and look, but as we said, don’t be shy when it comes to innuendo or messages with ulterior motives… Tomorrow is a special day! Don’t clutter the space with lots of images or text that won’t help you generate more sales. The keys are originality and simplicity.


Make product packs

The whole point of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate love. You can encourage your customers to do so more easily by selecting two items and selling them (or perhaps simply promoting them on social media) as a pack. This is a tip that fits any holiday – have you seen Lush gift packs, that’s the concept!

Some ideas are:

For him and for her:

Does your store have gender-specific products? Combine similar products and sell them as a set. Do you sell perfumes? An example could be, as many brands do, to combine a masculine fragrance with a feminine fragrance and sell them as a set.

For singles:

Do you have two items that you could sell as a pack for those customers who are single? If you add a catchy slogan or a funny photo on social media or in your online store, you can easily increase your sales by selling “Gifts for singles” packs. Plus, you can reuse these campaigns for 11.11!

Free chocolates or samples:

Offering free chocolates or a free product sample is the easiest way to attract customers. Seduce them (never better said) with candy, and don’t forget to use relevant hashtags for Valentine’s Day announcements if you post on your social networks.

Add a little heart to your logo

If you’re not feeling too motivated or you’re overwhelmed by everything you’re supposed to do, simply update your profile picture on your social networks. If you create a good atmosphere and appear a little more festive than usual, customers will be attracted to your store. And of course… They’ll see that you don’t forget to share love!

Love… It doesn’t have to be romantic!

Show your customers how much you value their support or interaction with your brand through an email or direct message, depending on your brand’s marketing strategy. You can even post an eye-catching GIF or branded image with a caption saying how much you love them on social media could help. Remember, don’t wait until tomorrow, which is the deadline!

Name an offer like “Valentine’s Day Sale.”

Even if your brand is far from offering a Valentine’s Day package, you can run an offer or sale that you were already offering, but with a “last days of Valentine’s Day” theme. This will create a sense of urgency in the user, which will hopefully mean more sales.

From Clever Ads, we hope these simple last minute Valentine’s Day marketing ideas will help you. Don’t overthink it and don’t feel you need to invest a lot of time and energy in the best Valentine’s Day campaign; the goal is to keep customers coming back and give them a reason to buy from your online store. Even the smallest change on social media or posting eye-catching and creative offers can help you increase sales.

If you’ve come up with an even better idea…. Thanks for reading and we send you lots of love from our Clever Ads team!


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To finish and to know why seasonal campaigns are important… Don’t miss the Valentine’s Day numbers!


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