The Best Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas Are Here!

Do you have any Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for your strategy yet?

Tomorrow is the day… February 14th will be here before we know it. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate friendship, love and sharing kindness, which is always appreciated, don’t you think? This year, show your love and appreciation by using new and exciting marketing strategies that you may have never tried before. Here are some last-minute Valentine’s Day marketing ideas that hopefully will give you enough time to prepare and surprise your customers. 

Be Clever with your ideas! 

Everyone loves when a brand pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable to post on social media… within reason. Use your creativity to craft creatives and slogans that bring a smile or chuckle to your audience. Push your limits without losing sense of what your overall message and goal is. 

Valentine’s Day is more than just about increasing sales, we want our customers to be happy on this holiday whether they have a date with a partner or their favorite romcom. Use this to your advantage and get your audience engaged. When doing this, be sure not to shy away from who you are as a brand; people do not like when your posts seem forced and unnatural. Be sure not to clutter the space with lots of images or text that will distract from your main goal. The key to all marketing is originality and simplicity, some would argue this is the case for all interactions. 



Find your products their perfect match!

Everyone loves a product pack. What does this mean? Combine similar products to make them a set, making the sale more appealing. Everyone loves a deal. Include two products for the price of one, or at a discounted price. This is a great incentive for the couples who love a similar product or the singles that need to stock up on their favorites. Offering a free sample of a new or popular product is another way to ensure that these sales will succeed!   

Make it simple

If you are running low on time and are overwhelmed with your busy schedule, there are quick and easy ways to acknowledge the holiday and let your audience know you are thinking about them. For example, adding a heart  to your logo creates a good atmosphere and shows your audience that you care to be festive; this is a great way to attract customers to your store. Another way to do this would be to run an offer or sale that you are already offering with a “Last Chance for V-Day” theme. The more urgency the user feels, the more sales are likely to occur during the holiday. Don’t overthink it and don’t feel you need to invest a lot of time and energy in the best Valentine’s Day campaign; the goal is to keep customers coming back and give them a reason to buy from your online store. Make sure you don’t forget to include relevant hashtags, music, or trends; this will allow your marketing to reach a higher and wider volume of people. 

Spread the love 

Show your customers how much you value their support or interaction with your brand through an email or direct message, depending on your brand’s marketing strategy. This does not have to be a long heart-felt email but rather something to acknowledge the holiday and the people that care about your brand. To do this, you can simply send a funny or loving GIF, meme, or poem to show your appreciation for your supporters. If you have the time, you can draft an email thanking them for being a part of your journey and even offer a promo code for people who fill out a quick survey on “why they love your brand.” 


Valentine's day marketing infographic


Clever love 

Here at Clever Ads, we thank you for being a part of our worldwide supporters and we hope that you are able to take something away from the strategies we have provided you with. If you’ve come up with an even better idea… thanks for reading and we send you lots of love from our Clever Ads team!



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