The Best Marketing Ideas for Easter

Great Easter marketing ideas that your customers will love

As we always like to emphasize at Clever Ads, seasonal marketing is essential when it comes to making special promotions for your products and giving a boost to your sales. Among the key dates for seasonal marketing, Easter is right around the corner! Which means we’re back with some useful tips and the best Easter marketing ideas to make your store stand out from the competition.

Easter marketing ideas: strategies

The main purpose of these strategies is to increase sales. However, there are businesses that take advantage of these key dates to elaborate on other goals. These goals can be more oriented to increase the brand’s activity and notoriety in networks or reinforce engagement with their audience. You should focus on whatever is best for your store!

Keep in mind that you won’t be the only brand trying to impact its followers into making purchases. Use all your creative weapons and strategies to stand out!

Interact & play with your audience

Your social media is most likely managed by a person or group of people. Whether you manage it personally, have hired a Community Manager, or let your 20-year-old nephew who helps you with business channels run it, it’s imperative to be interactive with your audience. In the end there are no better brand ambassadors than your consumers!

One way to achieve this is to create a contest or game to interact with your audience. To create and manage the contest you can use tools such as EasyPromos and to monitor social media channels to not miss anything important. Another tool that could assist in this is Brandwatch.


Create special discounts or promotions

Creating discounts or promotions will probably fulfill the main objective, which is to increase sales, but it will also allow you to receive more traffic and activity on your site or eCommerce .

We recommend to…

  1. Make teasers with which you will use for a promotion or discount.
  2. Invest in PPC campaigns for said promotions.
  3. Make it so the creativity of your promotions is attractive and beautiful.

Create & optimize your Google Ads campaigns

Key dates are the best time to take extra special care of your Google Ads campaigns. When people have the intention of searching during a specific date, a difficult part of the campaign process is taken out of the way. Take advantage of this and create your campaigns!

For something such as seasonal marketing, we at Clever Ads recommend making shopping campaigns with attractive images and descriptions. Lucky for you, our  eCommerce ads tool is here to help you create them in the quickest way possible. 

Send newsletters/email automations with the key date topic

It’s important that you realize the effectiveness of email marketing in your marketing strategies for Easter. The fact that it is such a special date for so many can be a great opportunity for your newsletters to be successful. You must first design them in line with Easter and start sending them before your competitors. It is very probable that you will receive new sales as a result of sending newsletters before Easter!

Create specific landing pages for Easter

You must not forget the adaptation of one of the essential elements of a site, landing pages.

You can keep the design keys of your corporate image during Easter. You simply must work with a suitable copy!

Examples of original Easter ads

Zoo Kolner: “Borning Easter”

kolner zoo

Kafer: “The funniest chocolate”


Target: Logo + Quote


Hopefully you’ve been able to take away a thing or two and here are some more ideas about holiday marketing. Happy Easter!

  1. Good customer engagement is very essential to keep customer interested. We can do this by sending relevant messages to target customer during time when customer is most active.

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