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eCommerce owner? Then you know these feelings…

One day you had a wonderful idea and you decided to sell products online and become yourself in a eCommerce owner. Even when everyone was asking you “Are you nuts?”. And yes, maybe so, it’s possible that all of the eCommerce owners of eCommerce stores are crazy. However, everything looks different after a few laughs, so we bring you this post today.
Have fun!

The day that happiness overwhelms you because you made your first sale

ecommerce owner

Because you know what they say… you’ll never forget your first time.

When your suppliers drive you crazy

ecommerce owner

If you are part of the norm and you have chosen Asian suppliers, surely you now understand why your mother told you when you were a child that you should study Chinese … now it’s too late to complain, have patience and go for it!

When you do not have any stock left

online shop owner


That moment when you say “I hope I sell more” until you realize that you have run out of stock and have to start diverting customers. Oddly enough, now you start to think “I wish I had not sold so much”.

 Preparing shipments on your own…

ecommerce owner

When you come into the office with a hangover after the holiday weekend but you’re also excited and say “Oh yeah we have multiplied our sales by 3x in these 4 days!”. Then it’s time to start preparing shipments 1 by 1. No pain no gain my friend!

The moment you choose to choose a platform for your store …

ecommerce owner

You know perfectly well that I’m talking about… that wonderful cocktail shaker that is your head thinking with what platform you’re going to set up your eCommerce. Doubts, doubts, doubts! YOLO, jump into the pool dude, there is always time to make mistakes and correct them.

That precise moment in which you drop your only source of customer acquisition

ecommerce owner
Let’s talk about money. Everyone loves it, and there’s a smile on your face when I you see your Excel report saying, “If we comply with the forecasts … next month we double our invoice”. It is in that precise moment which you drop your only source of customer acquisition and you understand the meaning of the phrase that your grandfather used to say “DIVIDE AND CONQUER”.

The eternal question … How can I get more customers?

cannot sleep
How many times do you ask your friends to talk about your store? How much do you cry when you can’t get them to buy any products? Are there days when you spend the whole night thinking how you can get more and more and more?

Your worst nightmare: returns


We can also talk about your nightmares. When you were little it was the boogie-man, but now it has changed its name… RETURNS. The best solution, go to Yoga. Since I go to class to suffer with these hellish stretches, it hurts me less and less to have to handle returns that were previously unthinkable.

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