Woocommerce vs Shopify

Woocommerce vs Shopify: which one should You chose?

Woocommerce vs Shopify, that’s a great doubt. Keep reading to know what platform is more suitable to your online store.


Woocommerce and Shopify are the two main eCommerce platforms nowadays, the objective of this post is to have a clear understanding on the main differences between each other by an eCommerce platform comparison. Both are very strong platforms and will help you build and manage your online store, but let’s take a closer look to each one with a short description.

  • Shopify is a solution all-in-one with 3 different plans and will allow you to build and publish your online store. In order to manage and run it properly you have a great set of Apps that will help you achieve core objectives.
  • Woocommerce is a very useful Plugin if you already have a website with WordPress. This marketplace will help you transform your webpage in an online store with a huge variety of extensions as it is open source. 

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So as a user, what is the best solution for me?

1. Do you have an online store built, or you need one?

If you already have an online store with WordPress, you just have to download Woocommerce and start running! Otherwise, Shopify might be great for you, as the site will be included in any Shopify plan with hosting, you will not have to worry for that.

2. Is it your first online store? 

For a user ready to start his first online business, Shopify is the best solution, as you will have your store running fast and efficient while you learn basic insights on the eCommerce world. If you already have had an online store, you might want to bet for Woocommerce. With a little set of skills you will build a unique store exactly as you want it to be.

3. Do you have basic tech skills?

  • Woocommerce is great if you are comfortable with different tech issues you must encounter. You do not need advanced tech skills to create your online store, but as more savvy you are, a greater shop you will create in less time.
  • Shopify does not require tech skills, is very user friendly, a solution for all. You will have a great store quick and easy, but less personalize unless you invest a little bit more $$$ in themes.

4. Which one is more expensive?

  • Shopify has 3 plans with a fix rate per month that will be worth as you get all you need.
  • Woocommerce has no fix plan, will depend on you to use and pay for extensions, hosting or even developers. Potentially we can assume that Woocommerce is less expensive than Shopify, but you will need to find these different tools, extensions or services by your own, which is time costly (and time is ultimately money).

5. So which one should you get?

The one which is best for you!

Let’s take a look to this quick recap:

Use Shopify if: 

  • Exists a lack of time to invest, or urgency to start.
  • Your tech skills are very limited.
  • There is no need to worry on security and need a strong support assistant.

Use Woocommerce if:

  • Your tech skills are good and you want full control of your site.
  • You already have a WordPress site or knowledge.
  • Your budget is limited.

You will be able to test both platforms if still not sure. Shopify has a free trial period and Woocommerce offers 30 days to test it, if it does not work as expected, you will get the money back.

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