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Facebook Ads Manager App Alternatives – Check your Options!

Do you know Facebook Ads Manager? It is the all-in-one Facebook Ads Manager that encourages you to start marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger and it is one of the time and resource management platforms for social ads. With it, you can track the performance of your Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Messenger Ads campaigns; but, are there Facebook Ads Manager App alternatives?

Facebook Ads Manager promises:

  • Ad performance: number of views, increase in followers, comments, account visitors due to the campaign, etc.
  • It helps you to create your campaigns with different parameters: basic targeting, audience type, all tailored to your campaign.
  • You can cut, copy or change the campaigns whenever you want and review the ads on different devices, mobile, tablet, pc, and others

More on Facebook Ads Manager…

Facebook Ads Manager promises to guide you step by step in creating your ads, using an efficient workflow. If you are a beginner it’s great, as it is very intuitive. You will also be able to customize your graphs and charts to see the metrics you consider most important.

What if I told you that there is an alternative through which you can control all this, and not only Facebook Ads, but also Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Google Ads

Yes, this option exists, and it’s called Clever Ads Manager App.

Other payment alternatives

Although we know that the best option of course is the one that requires no investment but results, which is what Clever Ads Manager App offers you, you will find several paid options that you may want to investigate on the net, such as Qwaya or Synthesio.

Clever Ads Manager App, the best Facebook Ads Manager alternative

As we were saying, there is an alternative to Facebook Ads Manager that is much more complete. With it, you will have all your marketing campaigns together in one place, and not only those of Facebook. 

Manage and visualize all your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Twitter Ads advertising campaigns and get a 360º report that includes the performance of your campaigns, all in a single control panel! Get maximum convenience and stop jumping from one platform to another and get a complete comparison of your campaigns on your phone. Managing your ads will never be so easy.

With Clever Ads Manager App you will be able to…

As we said, with this app you will be able to control not only your Facebook ad campaigns but all the following ones!

Google Ads campaigns

Are you using Google Ads? If you have an online business it is one of the main legs of ads along with social Ads, so I imagine you are, if not, what are you waiting for? 

With Clever Ads Manager App you will be able to see the performance of your campaigns in real-time and not only that, you can improve them with personalized tips and tricks in your reports.

Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

As we said, this is the perfect alternative to the Facebook Ads Manager App. With it, you can have all your Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger campaigns under control. You will have all the metrics that this Facebook Ads Manager provides you within our app, as well as customized reports and tips to improve your metrics.

Microsoft Ads

Sometimes Microsoft Ads go more unnoticed, but it is another pillar of any online marketing strategy. With our app, you will also have your Microsoft Ads campaigns under control. If you don’t have them yet, maybe it’s time to try them and see what results they give you.

Twitter Ads

Social Ads are not only Facebook and Instagram, we can’t forget Twitter! This platform also has its ad campaigns and you can also control their evolution, management, and performance from this app.

All your campaigns under maximum control

Therefore, you will be able to…

  • Track the efficiency of your online ads: track the performance of your digital marketing platforms.
  • Measure your results: measure results based on previous campaigns.
  • Improve your campaigns: use personalized tips to improve your campaign results.

Clever Ads Advanced Ads Manager Reporting

We understand that jumping from one platform to another is tiring and requires resources and effort, especially time, which we know is the most valuable thing nowadays.

With the customized reports that Clever Ads Manager App will provide you, you will be able to see all your online marketing campaigns together, 

solely or with our platform panel comparison. 

Moreover, with these reports, you will squeeze all the information with personalized tips and tricks for total optimization.


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