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WordPress eCommerce themes – The best one

Are you creating a WordPress online store? You need the best theme! Building a successful WordPress site is not the same as setting up an eCommerce site. So, using a WooCommerce plugin will allow you to have a user-friendly eCommerce, which will help you to increase the conversion rate and grow your sales. 

There are several thousands of themes on WordPress, but not all of them are suitable for being used on a WooCommerce store. Keep reading to discover the best-selling WooCommerce theme and a free one.

Reasons to use WooCommerce themes

There are so many different CMS when you have to decide which one you prefer for your eCommerce website, so why should you choose WooCommerce? First of all, WordPress is the top in CMS usage with 39% of all websites on the Internet currently using it. This is a total of 346,776 websites. So, if you already have a WordPress website, turning it into an eCommerce store will be an easier process. 

What numbers say about eCommerce usage distribution? WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform with 28% of all websites on the Internet. WooCommerce has a total of  34,653 websites and second place Shopify with 23908 websites. 

When you are creating a website on your own,WooCommerce is one of the best options because it is intuitive to use and you don’t have to worry about code. More benefits? There are thousands of plugins and themes to customize your eCommerce and make it more functional. 

Best WordPress eCommerce themes

What is a WordPress website for eCommerce made of? If you are a WordPress beginner, you can check this WordPress eCommerce guide. You should always consider a theme that includes SEO optimization, loading fast pages, responsive design, and compatibility with WooCommerce. Let’s review our two favorite themes and their features, one is paid, the other is free.

Flatsome: top selling WordPress shop theme

Flatsome theme for WordPress is considered the best-selling WooCommerce theme. One of the remarkable features is product search optimization and the fact that it offers conversion-driven product pages. With Flatsome, your customers can easily find the product they are looking for and it allows you to customize your product pages. Furthermore, it is responsive, so your eCommerce will fit any device. 

  • Product preview: your customers can simply click on the product image and see the description, price, and any other images of the product. They can also add the product to their shopping cart immediately, without having to click on the product page.
  • Images resizing: most eCommerce owners forget about the importance of their product gallery. This feature allows you to adjust your image’s height and width so that they make your shop look uniform. 
  • Customizable checkout pages: the checkout page is one of the most important pages on your site because it is where a lead becomes a customer. The checkout page has an important role in your percentage of abandoned carts. The Flatsome theme gives you full control over the look and feel of your checkout page.
  • Fast performance: Flatsome has a 98% PageSpeed Score, so this will help you to be at the top of Google Ranking. Your speed site is really important for your user experience since 75% of users avoid coming back to your eCommerce if it takes over 4 seconds to load.  

Here, you can preview a Flatsome demo.

Deli: free WordPress eCommerce theme

At the themes store, you can only find three free themes developed for WooCommerce. They are perfect if you are a small business owner. How can you make the most out of them?  Add free plugins and integrations to start and power your online store without any cost. 

What happens if you already have a WordPress site? Then, you can use a WooCommerce “child” theme. A child theme means that your page keeps the same functionality, design, and layout as the “parent” theme, and will allow you to make changes to it without compromising your previous WordPress site. 

Our favorite one is the Deli theme that stands out for “featuring a texturized, earthy design, perfect for stores selling natural, organic or hand made goods”. It is responsive and includes all the Storefront integrations.  

Here, you can preview a Deli demo. It is an eCommerce-focused homepage where you can display your product categories and also remark on the top-rated products.

In a nutshell

What is your favorite one? Comment on your favorite WooCommerce themes. Our Clever extra tip is that you can manage your eCommerce on the go by using the WooCommerce mobile app. Once you have your website built, it’s time to run and optimize your Google eCommerce ads campaigns. Step by step!


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