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Google Ads Promo Code News in 2024 

We start the month of February with good news for advertisers, as Google has made some updates to their Google Ads promo code for 2024 that might save you quite a lot of money.

At Clever Ads, as is tradition, we activate a Google Ads promo code of up to $120 automatically for those advertisers who create a new Google Ads account with us, or use our Google Ads creator. However this amount, as well as the terms and conditions for obtaining this Google Ads credit will be different as of February 2024.

With this Clever Ads promo code, you will be able to reach the right customers and grow your business with a reduced investment, and without lifting a single finger. As of today, Clever Ads has helped over 150,000 businesses start advertising on Google and succeed in their online advertising strategy.

Likewise, Clever’s Google Ads creator will create optimized campaigns for you to get more for less. This will be done by our Google certified experts along with our Google Ads automation software. 

With that said, let’s take a look below at what the new updates and conditions that Google has established for eligible businesses.

What are the Google Ads Promo Code Updates?

  • Promotional credits for new eligible Google Ads accounts will increase to up to $500 (USD or currency equivalent). However, note that Google Ads promotional offers may vary depending on the account’s billing country.
  • These new accounts will need to spend at least an equal amount to the credit offered. In other words, you will have to spend at least $500 first, to qualify for the credit. 
  • There will be a 60-day limit for users with new accounts that have the promo code activated, to reach the $500 spend.

Which Google Ads accounts are eligible for this promo code?

As mentioned above, conditions may vary depending on the billing country of the Google Ads account, however, most users must meet the following requirements to activate the Google Ads promo code:

  • The Google Ads account is new and the Google Ads promo code is activated in less than 14 days since the accounts’ first campaign impression. 
  • The credit can also be applied to existing campaigns that enable a new Google Ads feature or product, or if an inactive account is reactivated (on a case by case basis). 

Google Ads promo code terms and conditions

  • Advertisers will not be notified in advance when the credit has been exhausted.
  • Google Ads promo code will last 60 days from the time it is activated in your account. You can check the status of your Google Ads promo code and its expiration date anytime from Billing, in your Google Ads account.
  • Only one promo code will be offered per customer.
  • The promo code is not transferable or interchangeable, and cannot be sold.
  • This offer is contingent upon ad approval, user’s registration validity and acceptance of Google Ads terms and conditions.
  • Advertisers are responsible for applicable taxes.
  • Google may cancel this offer at any time for any reason.

Simple steps to activate the Google Ads promo code without any hassles

  • First, log in to your Google Ads account.
  • Second, go to the Premier Google Partners tab in the “Promotional Offers” section (top left).
  • Third, go to “View details” and activate the feature.
  • Finally, click on Save.

That said, it’s a very simple process, and that’s the way it works for this year. If you keep it in mind it will lead to a great initial boost to your Google Ads account. 

As a word of advice…whether you are a large or small advertiser, if you start generating advertising on Google, it should be done correctly and by the hands of someone with experience so you don’t go wasting your money. Make the most of this Google coupon!

  1. So I have to pay 500$ first?
    What is considered free about it because I cannot understand if you please?

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