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Using the Google AdWords Audit by Clever Ads

When running Google Ads campaigns, one of the most important things that you have to take care of is the campaign optimization and AdWords audit. This is a must if you want to achieve the highest ROI with your campaigns, decreasing the cost per click (CPC) while increasing conversion. But this is certainly not an easy task, and if you are new to Google Ads you will probably be wondering what you should do to optimize your campaigns. Even if you’re an experienced user, you may have some optimizations missing that you didn’t realize.


Keep in mind that reviewing a Google Ads account while searching for optimizations and improvements takes a lot of time and should be done frequently. So wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that instantly reviews your account and shows you actionable insights to be able to make the proper changes just by clicking a button?

This is why Clever Ads has developed a Google Ads Audit software that will surely help you improve the performance of your Google Ads campaigns, save you money and maximize your ROI. The only thing you need to do is giving CleverAds access to your Google Ads account to perform the analysis, and we assure that the process is safe and secure.

After a few minutes you will receive a Google Ads Audit report that will help you understand where you stand. Thanks to Google Ads you’ll have insights, comparisons and tailor-made suggestions that are also actionable so you can apply the changes instantly from the Clever Ads dashboard.

What can the Google AdWords Audit tool do for you?

The functionality of our Google Ads Audit is quite simple and accurate. Once you have given us access and selected the Google Ads account that you want to audit, you will see the following data:

Google Ads Audit “general” tab

  • This first overview page will show you a general rating of your current Google Ads campaigns. This overall grade will help you learn where you stand and how far you are from having highly optimized Google Ads campaigns. It is based on key metrics such as your bidding strategy, quality score, keyword performance, and other relevant data.
  • There is also a graphic with a summary of metrics in terms of cost, conversions and income for the last 30 days. This way you can check if your performance is improving or is getting worse over time.


website audit


Google Ads Audit “campaigns” tab

  • Here you can check if there are any campaign types missing that you should be running if you want to maximize the impact of your campaigns. We also explain why those missing campaigns are worth giving a try. 
  • This section focuses on showing you campaigns with huge spending and low quality score. These campaigns should be removed or improved, that’s why we provide you with recommendations and insights on how to implement Google Ads best practices for fixing them.


website quality tester

Google Ads Audit “keywords” tab

  • You’ll be able to see the keywords with the most spend, and check if you’re bidding for single-word keywords that might be wasting your money, or any other underperforming keywords. This way you can discover this as soon as possible and substitute them to convert them into other better performing keywords.
  • You will find new potentially high-performing keyword suggestions that could fit your Google Ads strategy. We show you the search terms that generated conversions for your site that you don’t currently have in your keyword lists. 
  • Also, we will give you the opportunity to verify your broad and exact keywords. In case there are any search terms that generated sales and you did not add them to your keywords list.

ecommerce audit

Google Ads Audit “bids” tab

Optimize your bids based on the performance of your campaigns depending on your gender, device, age and geographical segmentations. We show you recommendations on bids based on different segments that you will be able to apply instantly from the dashboard to your Google Ads by just clicking the button labeled “apply”.

website audit example

Google Ads Audit “landings” tab

Check if your landing pages are relevant to the ads you are displaying. This will show you which pages need to be improved in order to get a higher conversion rate and better positioning. 

check your website quality

As you can see, the Google Ads Audit developed by Clever Ads is a really powerful tool that a Google Ads manager should use for optimizing their campaigns, as well as saving time and money.

Clever Ads is recognized by Google with a Premier Google Partner badge, and trusted by more than 70,000 clients. This ensures that Clever Ads is 100% safe and secure and will only use your personal information and Google Ads access to analyze your account.

Additional Google Ads tips

After running the Google Ads Audit tool and making the suggested changes, your campaigns will be highly optimized. However, there are features in which we are still working on for future implementation (we are constantly working to improve the product!) that you should also take into account when improving your Google Ads account:

Negative keywords

Negative keywords are one of the best ways to explain to Google Ads what your product exactly is (in this case, what your product isn’t). By making non relevant keywords negative, you will get rid of the useless clicks to save money and increase your conversion rate.

Optimize your campaigns for mobile devices

More and more users are using mobile devices to make online purchases and the prediction is that mobile devices will ultimately surpass desktop users. That’s why you should definitely optimize your campaigns for these users.

Use competitors’ names as keywords

It’s a very good idea to bid for competitor brand so that you can get customers that are interested in the same kind of products you’re offering.

Use ad extensions

You should definitely configure ads extensions for your campaigns because it will drastically increase the CTR of your campaigns and make the ads look much more professional. Google always recommends using 3 or more ads extensions.

Make A/B tests

Make ads with different headlines and descriptions and run them at the same time. This way you will be able to see which ad is performing better and which one you should remove.

If you want more Google Ad tips, don’t forget to check our post about the best google ads tips and tricks.

As you can see, Google Ads optimization can be easy to handle if you use our Google Ads Audit. Have you tried it yet? What helped you the most to improve your Google Ads campaigns?



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