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Google Ads News 2021-2022 & Recent Updates

Google is constantly launching new Google Ads improvements, features and updates. If you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities that you could take advantage of for your business for the upcoming 2022 year, keep reading. Check the next Google Ads news!

Image extensions for desktop

Google just announced this December its latest update that includes the dynamic images extension display in desktop. If you have them already configured, they’ll be enabled by default. This way, you’ll have the opportunity to boost both your branding and product awareness. Let’s see which metrics are given in this new format!


Image extensions for desktop

Segmentation through clients’ database

All advertisers complying with the respective policies, will have access to segment their database. For doing so they’ll need to count with a minimum historic of 90 days and a Google Ads spend of at least $50,000. The new segmentation types they’ll have access to, are:

  • Segmentation configuration for recommending relevant products that might be interesting for clients after their conversion.
  • Manual adjustments depending on the conversions that occurred.
  • Observation configuration oriented to track the trends and evaluate the performance as a base for making adjustments.
  • Similar audiences to the ones that already converted.
  • Client exclusions with less probabilities of recurrent conversions

You’ll also have access to a preview to check everything is properly configured and make any necessary corrections without having to upload the CSV again.


bbdd clientes


Google Ads Performance Planner updates

Some of the new things are:

    • You’ll be able to include new types of campaigns that were not available before.
    • A new column called “suggested changes” with bid recommendations per campaigns.
    • Just try our Google Ads Creator for free!
  • Secondary metrics.

Select specific time intervals to observe a concrete conversion rate.


perfomance planner google


Google Merchant Center new report

Google Merchant center just launched a new competitive visibility report for helping you better understand your Shopping reach. The data available in this new report is:

  • Overlapping page rate, that shows the frequency in which your competitors’ product sheets are shown together with yours in the same page.
  • Relative visibility, that compares your visibility – amount of times product sheets are shown – with your competitors’.
  • Higher position rate, that details when a competitor is better positioned than you in Shopping.


visibility merchant center


New Google Ads statistics

For the moment these will be launched in beta, and we hope to have them available for all advertisers during 2022. The new statistics are:

  • Audience statistics, to understand your clients’ interests and affinities.
  • Demand preview, to predict the search intent during the next six months.
  • Change log, to understand the performance variations triggered by specific changes in your campaigns or your competitors’.
  • Consumer interest, to see the search volume depending on the topic.


google statistics predicitons


New conversions management

Google will now be compatible with the tag assistant to confirm that all tags work properly. This way it’ll be easy to check any errors. Also you’ll be able to notice when ROAS or conversion value fluctuations happen.


google tag

Climate change policies

Google Ads policies will ban the ads and monetization of contents that contradict the scientific consensus in terms of the existence and causes of climate change.

New budget report

Now you’ll be able to easily check the real ad spend vs. your budget on a daily basis. You can also see the total monthly investment on Google Ads and how the latest changes affected your daily budget. This report highlights the prognostics portion and the investment excess.


google report budget


Google Ads mobile app new functionality

The mobile app has been updated to include a new functionality already existing in the desktop version. Now you’ll be able to create campaigns, see performance statistics and review your search trends.


google insights


Last click attribution discontinuation

Google will eliminate the last click attribution for conversions to encourage the use of a data-driven attribution model.

Automatic payments of up to $5,000

Google decided to increase the amount of automatic payments in Google Ads up to $5,000.


google payments


App campaigns without deep link

Google offers the possibility to enable universal apps campaigns with the option to direct the user to the app’s home page. This way you can create campaigns focused on interactions.


url app google


Expanded ad texts abolition

Responsive search ads will be the only available type of Search Ads, for creating in your search campaigns. If you have expanded text ads, they’ll be kept active, but you won’t be able to create new ones.

Wrapping up…

The main new features found in Google Ads are…

  1. Inclusion of dynamic images extension display in desktop.
  2. All advertisers complying with the respective policies, will have access to segment their database.
  3. New segmentation types.
  4. Access to a preview to confirm everything is properly configured.
  5. Google Ads Performance Planner updates induce types of campaigns, a new column (suggested changes), secondary metrics and time intervals.
  6. Google Merchant Center new report with new data, like overlapping page rate, relative visibility, higher position rat…etc.
  7. New Google Ads statistics, like audience data, demand preview, change log and consumer interests.
  8. New conversion management and alerts.
  9. New climate change policies.
  10. New budget report and prognostics.
  11. Google Ads mobile app new functionality.
  12. Last click attribution discontinuation.
  13. App campaigns without deep links.
  14. Expanded ad texts abolition



Now that you know all about the news that Google Ads has in store for the new year 2022, try to make the most of this information in your advertising campaigns. Investigate each new feature thoroughly and use it to your advantage to improve your Google Ads ads, obtain more improved data, and interpret it in a way that benefits your business. Try our Google Ads Audit and check what points you can improve in your campaigns!

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