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Google Ads for Microsoft Teams – Integration + automation

Microsoft Teams, the famous communication platform for teams, continues to grow significantly since the pandemic started two years ago. As of today, Microsoft Teams has 145 million active users.

The communication platform has been improving and getting updated in order to offer its users a better experience and continue with their objective of making team communication more efficient. Browsing through apps available on the Microsoft App Source, you realize that there are plenty of options out there for connecting your favorite tools with your chat. Integrating your tools with Microsoft Teams helps you automate processes, stay more productive and ultimately save you precious time.

Microsoft Teams for marketing teams

Microsoft Teams App Sources has a dedicated category for marketing applications. By applying this category filter, you will be able to browse and discover your next favorite tools that will make any marketer’s life easier!

Google Ads for Microsoft Teams

Let’s narrow even more things now to PPC teams and more specifically to Google Ads. If you and your team are managing Google Ads campaigns then keep reading, this is for you.

Managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns, we can probably all agree, is quite the tedious process. Every tool that can help you automate specific tasks or steps of the process, can be a life saviour. 

Clever Ads – The ultimate Google Ads app for MS Teams

Clever Ads is integrating with Microsoft Teams to help you automate reports, receive alerts on significant changes that might happen to your account, and make the process of sharing reports with your teammates easier. 

How to set up Clever Ads

Setting up and starting with Clever Ads is very easy. Make sure you first install the integration on Microsoft Teams Integrations. Then, the app will ask you to choose which advertising platform you want to login with first. Choose the one you prefer starting with; we always suggest starting with Google Ads for a more complete experience as it’s the advertising platform with the most sophisticated features at the moment. During the login step, make sure you select an email that is associated with at least one advertising account. If your email has no advertising accounts available, you will not be able to continue. Once you successfully login, you can choose to integrate more advertising platforms such as Microsoft Ads or/and Facebook Ads.

How to benefit from Clever Ads

Clever Ads app helps you automate your reports and configure alerts so that you stay on top of your Google Ads campaign performance. 

  • You can schedule to receive your reports daily or weekly directly on chat and with the metrics and KPIs you prefer to monitor. Your report messages will always be a comparison to the last period of time so that you can easily assess their performance.
  • You can configure your own alerts, with custom thresholds, to receive when your limits are reached. For example, if your weekly conversions are usually around 500 and you are interested to know when this number falls by 20%, you can configure to get notified when weekly conversions fall under 400.
  • Once a month, you can configure to receive a summary of your Google Ads campaigns performance compared to last month’s. This will help you get a more complete image of how things are going and detect any points that might need extra attention.
  • One of the latest features is the Smart Reports. You can select your preferred Google Ads account and once a month, you will receive a PDF document with an insightful and visual summary of how your campaigns went. You can share this document with the rest of your team, manager or even client if you work on optimizing campaigns of others with them, your clients.



Feel free to give the tool a try and if you you need any help setting everything up shoot us an email at

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