Slack vs Microsoft Teams

Slack vs Microsoft Teams – Which One is the Best for Your Business?

Now that remote working is more present than ever, teams are obliged to adopt the use and contract of collaboration tools that will make remote working successful and easy to maintain. Good and effective communication is the top priority of remote or partially remote teams. Slack and Microsoft Teams are currently the leaders of collaboration and communication tools for businesses. After the pandemic, Microsoft Teams has seen a significant increase in active users compared to Slack which seems to have more steady growth. Read this Slack vs Microsoft Teams comparison!

Even though the two serve the same purpose and are quite similar, there are some differences and depending on your business, needs, and team one might be a better fit than the other.

In the following post we will be comparing both tools through different perspectives.


microsoft teams power past slack
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interest over time slack and ms teams
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Public communities

An important plus of Slack is the huge list of public communities that exist for all types of interests, business and sector. By visiting you can browse the different categories and discover new communities for you to join and start networking. Even if you’re looking for eCommerce owners to connect, link building, marketers to exchange ideas and feedback, entrepreneurs, there will be a Slack workspace made for you. Slack communities are so much better than trying to network via email due to its simplicity and direct communication.

If you’re passionate about digital marketing make sure you join Clever Ads’ Slack public workspace here.

Bots & integrations

Both communication tools offer a wide range of integrations for you to connect  the software that you use on a daily basis with your chosen chat tool. Slack is currently the king of integrations as it offers more than 2,000 apps whereas Microsoft Teams has a bit less than 1,000.

Personally, having explored both Slack’s and Microsoft Teams app marketplace, I find Slack more user-friendly and easy to navigate. Plus, it also integrates with Office 365, and important tools such as Calendar and Outlook.


all apps get work done
Slack’s App Directory

Independently the tool you are or will be using, Clever Ads has integration for both Slack and Microsoft Teams. So, if you want to automate your PPC reports, configure your custom alerts, and see the performance of your digital advertising campaigns at a glance, don’t forget to add the app to your chat.

Download Clever Ads’ Integration for Slack

Download Clever Ads’ Microsoft Teams integration

User experience

Having used both tools, I find Slack more user- friendly and fun to use. It’s more innovative and pleasant with all its cool features and integrations.

Microsoft Teams on the other side, is not significantly different, it just has a different touch-in my opinion. Both tools have channels (they are called teams in MS teams) for you to put together specific team members or create specific topic groups.

Free Plan

Taking a closer look at both tool’s free plans, we see that Slack has a limit of 10,000 archived messages whereas Microsoft Teams doesn’t.

Overall, Slack’s free plan has more limitations than Microsoft Team’s, excluding users from free plan features such as screen sharing and team video calls.


prestashop plans


me teams pricing






So, it all comes down to the only question that really matters to you right now:

“Which collaboration tool is best fit for my business?”

So, if you’re a start up, on a low budget, or a small business, I would say Slack is the best option for you. The 10,000 limit of archived messages in the free plan, will be more than enough for a small team to start. Furthermore, slack has a more user-friendly interface and is easier to use.

Whereas, if your team is quite big and more complex you should definitely go with Microsoft Teams. Keep in mind whether you are or will be an Office 365 user. In that case, Microsoft Teams will also be the best option for you.


Slack vs Microsoft Teams infographic

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