Google Ads PrestaShop - a Great Mix!

Google Ads PrestaShop – How to succeed with your campaigns

So you’ve finally gotten your PrestaShop store all the set up the way you want it – kudos to you! Are you experiencing a hard time when it comes to generating traffic? We’ve got you covered! Read this Google Ads Prestashop post!

Google Ads are everywhere from a quick search to a large ad with a photo that pops up while visiting a website. Don’t worry about the jargon because Clever Ads’ module on PrestaShop is designed to do the hard part of the job for you. 

What does the Addons PrestaShop for Google Ads & Google Shopping Module do exactly? Simple! It optimizes paid search placement for your PrestaShop store’s products across Google.

Google Ads campaigns are obviously a great way to attract the right customers to your business since you can capture their attention right when they’re looking for a specific product through a Google search, for example. Targeting people who fall into the right age range or have interests related to your brand (or specific products) is essential while running a Google Ads PrestaShop campaign.

Increasing the ROI is critical for any business, especially when running a Google Ads PrestaShop campaign. What are some ways to see if we can get the ROI up? You can try placing ads through different Google Ads campaign types.

Types of campaigns you can try include

  • Google Shopping PrestaShop campaigns.
  • Search campaigns.
  • Display campaigns that include both Display Banners & Text Ads.
  • Remarketing & Dynamic Remarketing campaigns.
  • Google and/or Microcsoft Performance Max campaigns.

Although Google Ads for PrestaShop (or for any eCommerce platform) are not a guarantee, there are some benefits that you could see include quality traffic and campaign automatization. Directing the right traffic is essential since uninterested traffic is a waste of time and hard-earned cash. eCommerce Ads PrestaShop Module by Clever uses machine learning to optimize your campaigns in hopes your store will see its highest numbers in Google Ads traffic and revenue. Rest assured that you’ll be in good hands with Clever Ads as it holds an Official PrestaShop Partner standing, Premier Google Partner and Microsoft Elite Partner. 

As a small business owner, you should ensure a few basic features of your store so your Google Ads have even a better ROI. Can you answer yes to the following questions?

  1. Does your store have an organized appearance? 
  2. Are your product descriptions personalized or resemble your brand?
  3. Is your contact information easily accessible?
  4. Can customers smoothly navigate their shopping cart?
  5. Are the images on your website high-resolution?
  6. Are product details easily found?
  7. Could someone easily shop from his or her phone?

If you answered no to any of the questions listed above, then you have some homework to do. Google Ads are a mere tool; they are not the final answer as the user experience also has an impact on your sales. If customers are happy, you will be too!

Google Ads are dull if you do not set a clear call-to-action (CTAs). Remember, the key to a great ad is making customers do something after seeing it (even if it’s just a split second). Some off the beaten path CTAs include but are not limited to:

  1. Promoting random deals (Only this week!).
  2. Showing customer reviews (See what people are saying).
  3. Advertising easy checkout (Check out with ease).
  4. How-to videos (Watch product video).

If your CTAs fit your brand’s image and voice, then you’re definitely on the path to success! Don’t get down on yourself, remember that generating quality traffic and promoting a solid Google AdWords PrestaShop campaign take a bit of time. You should allow for at least three to four weeks before deeming campaign results as the true outcome of any given Google Ads campaign.

Make sure to follow Clever Ads on your favorite social media network for more tips like these! Until then, good luck with your campaigns! Click here for more eCommerce tips!

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