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Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads – Which one is better?

What are the main differences? Which one is better? Should I invest in one or both of them? Which one is more affordable? Where can I find the best users?  These are common questions to ask when you’re deciding which platform is going to attract more quality users to your website to get more conversions. If you’re trying to grow your business, so why not with some advertising? Keep reading to find the answer to all of these questions with our Google Ads vs Facebook Ads comparison.

Main differences between Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Costs: The cost will always depend on your involvement, but as a general rule Google Ads costs are usually higher than Facebook Ads. It is true that Facebook is more affordable but always be mindful of conversions. Google Ads can bring more conversions providing a better result.

Segmentation: Google Ads is based on keywords, time range and country distribution. On the other hand, Facebook has many different options: territory (in detail), gender, age, demographics, education, personal likes and dislikes, and mobile (brands, operating system).

Users mindset: Google users are looking for a product, an answer, or something to solve their problem. Which means that the customer is already in a more mature stage of the buying process. Facebook is used in a different manner. Users access Facebook for social needs, answering comments, viewing pictures, and much more. They are not proactively searching for something specific.

Main advantages of Google Ads

Ad formats: there are a wide variety of ad formats based on keywords. Such variety allows you to select several ad formats for your campaigns to measure the most efficient ones. Advertisers can benefit from these characteristics and new additions that the Google Ads team is continuously adding. Shopping Ads are a great and useful format for specific products. These types of ads have great potential as they achieve good conversion results.

Bidding system: Google Ads bidding system is viewed as a system in which the highest bidder will be showing their ads. That is not true! Google Ads will account for relevance and ad quality as well. The better the ad, the better the user experience. This will be the basis for the ads being shown.

The biggest audience: Google is reaching thousands of users each second worldwide. It’s fair to say that Google has the largest audience to target users with ads. The importance of using Google Ads is that you can reach your target audience when they are actively looking for products. If you want to advertise your services, it’s the same process. Having a company and not investing in Google Ads nowadays could make you miss out on a lot of customers.

Main advantages of Facebook Ads

Visual platform: Facebook is a very visual social platform. Pictures and videos are all over the interface and users interact with this content frequently. Using Facebook Ads to show videos and images of your products and services is recommended.

Granular audience: Facebook Ads is not only based on keyword results. You can also decide what audiences to target based on likes and dislikes. All types of personal details are added by users and Facebook uses that to let marketers decide which audiences to target. Although Facebook can be granular when deciding an audience for you, it’s overall audience is quite large.

Conversion rates: with a good investment and some time to decide who to target, Facebook Ads can deliver great results. The conversion rate for Facebook Ads is substantial and marketers usually benefit from their ads if well planned.

Which one should you use? 

Why not both! By using both platforms you can benefit from both audiences. You can always determine when a platform is not working well and stop those ads to switch your budget towards the other. 

Try using different campaigns, images, videos and texts. Target different audiences and start converting with both platforms.

If you really need to decide between one or another, Google Ads users are proactively looking to solve a problem or looking for something in Google. Which might make it that Google Ads are more powerful. On the other hand, Facebook Ads aren’t proactive. Users access Facebook to share posts or see pictures, they aren’t always looking to buy. 

If you want to still informing yourself about this topic… Here you will find more info about Facebook insights and reports!


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