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How to disconnect your Google Merchant Center feed from Shopify API

The first thing to know is that all apps which “create” a Google Shopping feed actually do not create any new Shopping feed at all. Rather, these apps share a unique Shopping feed provided by Google — and they all make the changes to that same feed.

There is no shortage of rudimentary apps that allow you to have a Shopping feed — but all these apps do is simply pull your products’ raw data into the Google Merchant feed — leaving no possibility for  any kind of optimization. What’s worse, they usually only auto-sync. your products bi-weekly, or weekly at best. Let’s call these apps “third party apps” to keep it simple.

So here comes the problem: When you are using Clever Ads for your Shopping or Performance Max campaigns, any sort of optimizations that either we or you make to your feed (using our app) will be deleted or overwritten by these third party apps through their weekly/bi-weekly synchronizations. This will not only cause you to lose all your optimization progress,  but it can even cause your Shopping campaigns to stop performing . You can see traffic decrease, since the products/optimizations we’ve done are being overwritten by an additional third party app — and the campaign setup (all your optimizations) are lost.

If you are planning to use Clever Ads, we strongly recommend that you disconnect your Shopify API connection from your Google Merchant Center account to prevent unwanted changes from your additional third party apps (which you are likely not using anymore).

Here’s how you can easily do it:

    1. Go to your Shopify store admin page.
    2. On the “Sales Channels” section, open “Google”.
    3. Go to “settings”.
    4. Click on “Disconnect” in the Google Merchant Center account option.

disconnect google merchant center feed from shopify api 1st step

Keep in mind that you should do this with every other feed controlling app. Each app will have its own way to deactivate it. If you want more information you can always contact us at


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