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Google Shopping Shopify -The Ultimate Guide Step by Step!

Google Shopping campaigns are a great way to promote products in your store. In order to take advantage of all they have to offer, it is important to have a good product feed in Google Merchant Center. This is a platform where you can upload the products that you have in your store, so the Shopping campaigns can obtain information from them and show all that your business has to offer. 

With Shopify Google Ads, we can share a large number of details about our products. By having all of the product details filled out and well-structured, Shopping Ads can become a huge source of traffic for your store. Now you might be wondering, “How can I upload my products to the Google Merchant Center?,” well, lucky for you, configuring the Google Merchant Center with Shopify is super easy!

First things first, we have to create a Google Merchant Account. Once logged into our account, we can add all the basic information about our store, the name, URL, etc. 

After creating the account, we have to verify the web domain of our shop so that Google will accept our account. There’s a few different ways that we can verify our domain, but the easiest option is through Shopify. You will need to add an html tag to our website through the Shopify control panel. 



Now that we have verified our domain, it is highly recommended that we add shipping policies and relevant tax information, which can vary depending on where our shop is based. This way, the price of each product can be accurately calculated. In both cases, we can fill out a simple form that asks for shipping costs based on weight, the number of products purchased, or the shipping location. All of this information will then be used by Shopify to calculate shipping costs and any additional taxes for the product. 

If we make it this far, our Google Merchant Center will be in perfect shape and ready for us to upload all of our products! We can upload our products using the following methods: 

  1. Cost Sheet: Upload all of the products in your store directly from your cost sheet 
  2. Scheduled Fetches: Google will track your website to get the product information it needs 
  3. Google API Content: This is actually the method that we use at Clever in order to best show your products and upload them to Google Merchant Center in the most optimized way possible. 

With everything configured and our products uploaded, we are now ready to maximize the traffic and conversions for our store with Google Shopping Campaigns.

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