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Normally, when we want to do something on our website, from writing a post to creating a campaign in some social media or Google ads, going through an infographic or creating an attractive image, we need tutorials and tools that make our work easier. Because, let’s face it, we are good at ICT, but not in absolutely every field and many times a little help is needed.

Well, from Clever Ads we wanted to help our users with actions such as auditing Google Ads campaigns, facilitating the search for keywords when doing good research … And many other cases that we believe are essential for the owner of an internet site, be it an eCommerce, a blog, a services page… So we have created some Google Ads tools for help you!

Why trust our Google tools?

We like to explain it in three lines:

  1. We have been trusted now by more than 100,000 online businesses. It is not a number we can ignore easily!
  2. We have generated more than $100 Million in conversion value with our Google tools.
  3. We have managed more than $55 million in Google Ads spent.

Yeah, these numbers are totally and 100% true.

What tools do we offer right now?

useful online tools


Google Ads Creator

with this tool, our Google Ads Creator, we will help you to have your Google Ads campaigns created and optimized. You have read it correctly, we work with Search, Display, Retarketing and Shopping Ads on Google and we have a real and great experts team.

Google Ads Audit

I think Google Ads Audit name speaks by himself… right? With this amazing tool we audit your Google Ads campaigns to see what you can be doing better or what you can do change.

Free Google Ads Promo

This is a Google Ads promo code . Here you will have a Google Ads coupon and it will be automatically activated (as soon as your site applies all the Google Ads policies, don’t forget that).

Google Keyword Planner

Doing a keyword research in conditions is not easy. With our Google Keyword Planner we will help you to find the right keywords for your Google Ads Campaigns.

Google Ads Slack Integration

Do you know Slack? It is a timesaver and productivity app. So, with our Slack integration, you save enough time to enjoy the morning coffee that you like so much!

Coming Soon…

We have many more things in the bedroom and in the process of development. Soon we will release 3 new Google tools, and our audit, called Ads Manager. is now available for Android and iOs.

Google Ads Banner Creator

Soon we will publish this tool, with it, we will generate your banners for Google Ads to advertise your products and services on Google. More info about our Banner Creator here!

Google Ads Campaigns Translator

With our future Google Ads translator we will translate your Google Ads campaigns to other languages to target any location around the world.

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