How to have a successful PrestaShop Store

The 5 things every successful Prestashop store owner should do

Creating a new PrestaShop store can be exciting but there are some aspects that you should check in order to have a profitable shop. A lot of shop owners think that just with a good product and a good price they will succeed and sadly, they are wrong. An online store requires a lot more than that to achieve the success. In today’s post, we are going to help you as much as possible in order to get the best ROI from your online store.

So, are you thinking of opening up your online business using PrestaShop? Want to improve your online store? Here are some eCommerce tips for success using the PrestaShop platform!

#1 Invest in SEM with “Ads on Google”

Ads on Google for Prestashop is the best way to create Google Ads campaigns with little to no background knowledge. You want your brand and products to be seen by as many people as possible and Ads on Google is the best way to get your advertisements seen by Google users searching for the products you offer! This will not only multiply your traffic, but also bring you relevant traffic that will lead to high conversions! What we always recommend is to use Google Ads while you are improving the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to avoid wasting time and opportunities. One of the main advantage of Google Ads is that it will allow you to rank for the first page of Google fast and easily.

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Have you had a chance to explore the PMAX campaigns initiated by Google and Microsoft? They’re certainly not to be overlooked!

#2 Make checkout quick and easy

One of the biggest customer turnoffs is an overly complicated checkout process. If your customers can’t complete checkout, they cant buy your products. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to make the checkout process as painless as possible. Try to keep checkout and shipping on the same page to avoid making customers input their information twice. Make sure your customer feels as though your checkout is secure. If they feel uneasy inputting their credit card information, they will not make a purchase, thus, be sure your clients feel safe throughout the entire process. Look at these PrestaShop modules to make your checkout process run smoothly. The trick is always trying to be simple and clear, avoid making the checkout process a pain for the customer and keep the message sorted. Shops often tend to make this checkout process too complicated or too messy, making them to lose customers.

Another feature that you definitely should include is an Abandoned Cart Recovery module. It will really help you to increase the conversions of your shop by making a list of customers that did not finished the buying process. You can use this list to create email actions to target these customers with specific offers and convince them to finish the uncompleted purchase.

Following these simple tips is bound to make your eCommerce that much more successful!

#3 Provide quality customer service

Being accessible and helpful is one of the most important things you can do for eCommerce success. While your customers won’t be able to develop a face-to-face relationship with you, being easy to reach and personable can help you overcome this hurdle. Utilize PrestaShop’s various modules to do things like generating an informative newsletter, to simply developing a live-chat system so that you can be available at all times. Always put visible the information of your shop, where are you based? what’s your telephone number? do you have any email where the customers can contact you?. Make sure that all these information is available at the “About us” section and the footer of your website.

Following this advice, your company-to-customer relationships will be unmatched by your competitors. Check out PrestaShop’s store customer service modules here!

#4 Keep in touch with the clients in your Prestashop store

The best eCommerce websites keep up with their clients as a strategy to produce repeat customers. Ask your website visitors to subscribe to receive emails, promotions, newsletters, and more! It is important to remind customers about your store and to check in on how they are enjoying the products you offer. A good communication between you and your clients can bring you a ton of additional sales with a little effort, make your customer feel part of a community and that you are here to help him. If your customer has any issue with your shop, solve it as fast as possible, the more you wait the worst for the reputation of your store. Turning a bad situation to a good situation will help your customers to trust you a lot more, so work hard with every issue that your customers might have!

You can keep up with your customers using PrestaShop modules such as SendinBlue which allows you to send emails to your customers for free.

#5 Make your Prestashop website appealing

No one will stay on a page that has trouble loading or is visually unattractive. Having a visually appealing online store is key to attracting and keeping customers coming back to your site. People are more likely to make a purchasing decision if they find your online store to be attractive and easy to navigate. Be consistent with your color schemes and designs so that you can create order within your page. Display categories that are easy to navigate and simple, yet descriptive so that your customer can find exactly what they’re looking for. We recommend you using warm colors and using high resolution images or high definition videos, blurry images can seriously affect the reputation of your store, so always make sure that your images and videos are right.

Check out these PrestaShop modules for some design and customization inspiration!

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