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3 Halloween marketing ideas – Boost your campaigns!

The scariest date of the year is approaching and with less than a month to go you may want to plan your marketing strategy for Halloween… It’s a very important date for sales! Due to the Coronavirus, we have had several years of exponential growth in online sales, and we can now enjoy parties and celebrations as before, so… Take advantage of the new opportunity! Let’s see how you can prepare your business with some Halloween marketing ideas. And remember, you don’t need to have a business specifically related to Halloween to celebrate it and attract new consumers to your business.

Halloween marketing ideas: dress your brand with a themed costume

We dress each year for a Halloween party – this year you may want to pick a villain or monster that usually wears a mask. And as we dress for Halloween parties, you want to dress your business as well. Engagement grows when the seasonal marketing – in this case, Halloween – is triggered.

The simple touch you need to dress your brand in a Halloween costume is to make changes on your social media platforms and even on your webpage. Change your whole logo design for a Halloween themed one, or even better, mix your logo with a Halloween element to catch the eye of customers with the theme and your brand together. For example, a bat, a pumpkin or any other Halloween element. But be careful! Make sure that the element you choose does not cover your logo, but complements it.

Halloween advertising campaigns

The right time comes before you think

Users are looking for Halloween (related keywords) at the end of August, but the great peak begins the week before Halloween, the last week of October. Start planning ahead for Halloween advertising, the new designs for social media and the next advertising campaigns we will be going over. Having everything planned in advance can give you some extra time to control ad spend and make a quick change in campaigns if necessary.

Email marketing campaigns

Applying email marketing campaigns with a slight touch of the Halloween theme can drive a lot more attention and increase the email open rate. Remember to be creative, and align your message with the theme without remembering what your vertical is. Including a special offer or any kind of discount, like using a custom QR code, will also increase engagement and brand awareness.

Social media campaigns

Any special offer or product? Or you just want some brand awareness? Social media campaigns for Halloween must be smart and creative as they can result in high profits or even go viral. Remember to mix your products or services with Halloween to create a catchy ad. Do not forget who your target audience is and that each one has some expectations. For example, if your target audience is in the age range of 20-30 years old, they are probably going to a Halloween party. On the other hand, kids will trick or treat and parents will go with them (and buy candy for the rest). Align your product and services to cover around their activities as well.


halloween marketing instagram screenshots

Google Ads campaigns

Change the text of your ads with a discount or offer related to Halloween. Keep in mind that keywords related to the holiday will be more expensive. Research for keywords that mix your business and Halloween. Although, as we have said, these keywords are more expensive, the fact that they are well activated can have a great impact on your conversions. 

Creating a sense of urgency in your ads is very important because after Halloween other holidays will come, but you will need a new ad set or special offer. Include how many days the promotion will last to increase effectiveness.

Scare them big time!

Halloween limited edition product or service

Keeping your vertical in mind, try to come up with a limited edition product or package related to Halloween. For example, a few years ago Fanta came up with some funny Halloween cans with different creatures: a vampire, witch, and skull. Or they could have gone a step further and created a limited time flavor just for Halloween, as they do with the summer editions of Fanta with watermelon, raspberry… The limit is set by your imagination!


fanta halloween campaign




Another creative way to engage users is to create contests. You can use social media campaigns or even Google Ads campaigns to reinforce engagement.

For example, if you sell popcorn, offer a pack + set of horror movies, for users that mention a friend and his or her 3 favorite scary movies. That way you can engage fans to vote for their favorite movies and share that post – increasing brand awareness.


halloween marketing ideas infographic



Any holiday is always a great chance to work on your marketing activities as users tend to spend more time and money getting ready (parties, party favors, candy). Identify your strengths and weaknesses for each holiday and come up with innovative ways to advertise your products aligned with the seasonality. Be careful with the content and try to spook consumers in instead of out.

If you have never run any marketing activity for Halloween now is the time – no more excuses, use these ideas and reach high performance for Halloween.


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