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Hotel advertising – All the options to advertise your business online

Now that we’ve recovered a bit from the pandemic it’s a good time for hotels and other businesses in the sector; as we’ve seen, people are eager to get out of the house and start traveling in a big way again. What better time than now to start optimizing your hotel advertising for this season?

There are many online advertising options: social media ads, YouTube ads, display, email marketing…

Let’s take a closer look at each of them!

Have a great web

The first thing to keep in mind is that, for good hotel advertising, you need a good website. If the user does not like your website, they will not stay on it and will quickly go to another hotel’s page. First impressions count, and your website must be impeccable, attractive, and of high quality. Invest in its creation and maintenance!

Build a great reputation

After the web comes your reputation. Good branding is a consequence of a good marketing strategy and a sign that you will be successful in the industry. Take care of your customers, of course, but work on your brand identity. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, design messages with your buyers in mind, create a consistent visual image, develop a brand language and, most importantly, use Google Ads and social media to expand the reach of the brand you’ve created.

Search & display advertising on Google

We are constantly hearing the recommendation to “Advertise on Google”. Well, within this, the range of things you can do is very wide. What do we recommend? 

  • Search campaigns.
  • Display campaigns.
  • Retargeting.

As we always say, creating online campaigns in Google Ads requires time, investment, resources, and, above all, a lot of knowledge. You can always help yourself with free tools such as the Google Ads Creator  by Clever , which is free and allows you to:

  • Let travelers find your hotel the moment they’re searching for accommodation.
  • Boost your reservations by directing high-quality traffic straight to your booking engine.
  • Increase your visibility all across Google with Google Hotel Ads.

Social media advertising

Of course, social networks are indispensable, as is advertising on them properly and collecting all the information you can, since your interactions with your users will provide you with a lot of useful information that you can then use for your campaigns and ads, whether they are the social networks themselves or all the others (Google Ads, email marketing, YouTube Ads…).

Video advertising

There are many online options, social media ads, youtube ads, display, email marketing… Create a nice and well elaborated video of your facilities and services and promote it in a good YouTube Ads campaign for any holiday of the year: Easter, Black Friday… It will surely work!

Influencer marketing

The world of influencers is becoming more and more a reality. Study your target and look for influencers that match their profile to help you promote your business. Even if you don’t have a big budget for this type of action, you can focus on what is known as micro-influencers, you will surely reach an agreement!

Micro-influencers are users who have a smaller reach (usually between 500 and 10,000 followers on their profiles), but in return they have great credibility around a very specific topic, and much lower prices. Sometimes all they want is free products, in exchange for testing them.

Don’t forget the SEO!

SEO optimization should not be forgotten. It is true that its benefits are long-term and that you have to dedicate time and effort to it, but we promise you that it gives results. Work on your SEO strategy to the best of your ability in addition to everything we have mentioned above.


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