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Digital marketing: Instagram reporting & metrics

If you are in charge of at least one digital marketing campaign you are officially a digital marketer. Does not matter if you are working for an agency that manages campaigns, for a big brand or if you are running your eCommerce store or blog. By using at least one digital marketing platform, you are a digital marketer and your duty is to show what you’re doing is valuable. Read more about our Instagram reporting app!


The best way to understand if your campaigns are performing well is with reporting and that is what we are going to walk through this post in order to show how you can report and what tools will allow to extract the best insights while saving time.

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Digital Marketing Platforms

There are several digital marketing platforms that can help you grow your business, but in this post we will be reviewing the most importants ones and how reporting metrics for all of them can be challenging.

There are four main ones:

  1. Google Ads.
  2. Facebook Ads + Instagram Ads.
  3. Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads).
  4. TikTok Ads.

Google Ads and Microsoft Ads show ads related to search terms that users look for. Therefore results are very efficient. As well, users connect to Google or Microsoft to look for products and purchase them.

In the other hand, users connect to Facebook and Instagram for social purposes. This channel can result extremely efficient because by knowing what people like and dislike you can target ads based on this. Although, you are showing ads to people that want to see what friends are doing and not specifically to purchase.

The importance of Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads is growing and nowadays is super popular. Instagram has 1.270 million active users which makes it a very good tool to promote your product or services.

There are three main areas in which Instagram Ads is not only going to help you, but is going to make you grow!

The first one is brand awareness

Being able to engage with a diverse and large audience will allow you to increase brand awareness and reach potential customers. Get different users like employees, customers or any fan to follow your Instagram page. Then you will be able to engage them, and as well, users will enhance customer brand awareness as they will sharing, liking or commenting.

A better customer satisfaction, is number two

Creating a voice with your engagement and content will provide you a unique brand identity. Take into account that customers value a lot a personal response. So they interact with you and you answer them back you will win trust. Customers do not like to feel ignored and do not like to receive automatic responses. Any company that takes some time to answer these messages personally will show it cares about customers which everyone will view as something positive.

The last one is targeting

Instagram Ads will allow you to reach boundless audiences and target groups based on users interest, demographics, consumer behaviours and location.

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Instagram Ads uniqueness

On top of everything mentioned, Instagram Ads have great ads that are unique and can have a great impact due to their engagement capabilities. Let’s take a look to the most important ones: 

Video Ads

Long videos are okay, but may be too long for Instagram. You are capable to create gifs, or short videos to be more engaging.

eCommerce Ads

One important characteristic is that eCommerce owners or big retailers  use rotating lines of products in images or stories to show the best ones or the ones with a specific promotion.

Call to Action (CTA) Ads

Instagram Ads are now more dynamic and engaging allowing them to be unique. Brands use these kind of ads to make their target engage with their posts gaining more traffic and a higher diffusion. Some examples are the possibility for an advertiser to add voting for their ads or scrolling a bar on how much do you like a certain product.

Story Ads

Are allocated between the profiles you follow and will allow to show more dynamic ads.

The importance of using different platforms

When running digital marketing campaigns one channel is not usually enough. To reach all your potential customers, you must explore, run and measure results in different platforms. Remember to try all of them and keep improving the ones that work for you.

Reporting efficiently

Analyzing results of your previous campaigns can have a critical impact on your business, as you will be able to understand insights needed to improve campaigns. Improving campaigns can lead to a higher conversion rate, less ad spend and ultimately to a higher ROI.

But what is important to analyze? What insights are important for my business? Let’s take a quick view on the most important areas you should pay attention to.

A campaign overview, with overall results is very important for yourself and specifically if you are delivering results to a third party. Knowing how campaigns are performing in general levels is key and you must daily or at least weekly control it. 

Another important insight, is to understand deeply how channels are performing. Nowadays there are different channels that you must use in your marketing strategy, not only Google Ads or Microsoft Ads, but social channels like Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads. KPI’s (key performance indicators) are results in terms of your objectives. 

Let’s break it down and show you main metrics any marketer should take into account.


Seems obvious but this is a main metric you must always take into account. Remember always to compare Income with the past period/month or quarter. 


Controlling spend of your digital marketing campaigns is key to improve it. By comparing last periods with income you can see, if increasing or decreasing your spend in which percentage affects your income. This is a key variable you must control constantly.


Cost per Acquisition. You must track, control and improve ensuring this metric is the lowest as possible. Remember that your margin depends on this, maximizing profit is important for any business, but minimizing costs is just as important for your business. 


Monitor conversions, analyze when conversions are taking place, what time, from where and obviously how many. Are you increasing the number of conversions over the time? Compare always with previous results.

The ultimate reporting tool

Being able to control main metrics is not an easy task, that is why you should try out Clever Ads – Digital Marketing Campaign Metrics and Smart Reports.

This Ads Manager app is available in iOS and Google Play. You install it and add your different digital marketing platforms, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads) and TikTok Ads to get all the feed.

Being able to view your performance on a simple view is just too convenient. In addition you will not need to switch from the Google Ads panel to the Facebook Ads one, you will be able to have all metrics in the same view and compare performance easily. 

For all platforms you will be able to view Income and Spend, CPA, Conversions and more. All your Instagram metrics in a separate view from Facebook Ads to have a clear view of your campaigns.

Navigate through your different campaigns and extract the most important metrics. Is Instagram Ads performing better? Check CPA and the number of conversions and compare with Google Ads.

If you are looking for some help, check out KPI Alerts. Will indicate you important insights on your campaigns and some tips to improve them. And if you need more information about other SEO, Metrics an Ads aspects, you can check a lot of info in oue Blog. For example, do you know how to do a proper keyword research?



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