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Quarantine & Remote Work: a Marketer’s Reflections

Over the last few days we’ve been experiencing something completely new, something that moves us out of our comfort and routine. We’ve been ordered to follow strict restrictions and change our daily life radically, starting with a remote work situation.

Thousands of companies and workers have had to quickly adapt to a new reality and drastically change their way of working. Not only companies and corporations, but educational institutes as well. People have had to turn to working in isolation and adapt to this new way of getting their tasks done.

I am among those who’ve had to do this. However, I’m more used to this style of work because in my company I have the flexibility to work from home if I feel like it. Even still, initially, my levels of concentration and productivity were relatively low. This was mainly due to the current situation that this pandemic is provoking. I found myself reading thousands of articles regarding the evolution of the coronavirus, the new drastic measures each country is taking, the future of our world, etc. All this stress and the huge amount of information had me “trapped” and I was having a hard time staying focused. I imagine I was not alone with these feelings either.

This new way of life doesn’t seem like it’s leaving anytime soon, so it’s time to brainstorm ways to get used to staying at home. It’s quite important to stay focused and productive, while maintaining our mental health. Soon enough it’ll be time to get for the huge party that will mark the end of this quarantine!

Firstly, let’s all try our best to stay positive and find ways that help us trek through these trying times. One helpful tool can be using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to ensure and private connections while working remotely. I decided to write down what has helped me and my team through the first days of our enclosure!

Our team’s favorite productivity tools in order to work from home

One thing that we cannot complain about these days are the vast amount of useful tools that are making our lives easier while saving us loads of time. Here are a few of the tools that me and my team use daily in order to get work done. Don’t also forget that, time tracking is essential for companies as the work hours tracker can help save time and not wait any minute of the working day.

slack logoSlack

Oh, how we love Slack! ❤ What more can I say? We have been using Slack for 2 years now in my company and I truly cannot imagine work without it. Maybe that’s a bit of an over exaggeration, but not to me!

Why do we love Slack? Its user friendly experience, the thousands of apps and tools that can be linked with the chat and make your life even easier, its shared channels, its custom emojis, gifs and much more. Slack is the reason why my team is still functioning even if we work miles away from each other.

In fact, we love Slack so much that we decided to develop our own integration for Slack with our product. More about that integration below…

clever logoClever Google Ads

Our marketing and product management team is always managing, revising and controlling many different Google Ads campaigns. Whether it be our own campaigns, or for our clients. Our mission was to simplify the Google Ads interface and make it possible to share the metrics and graphs of our Google Ads accounts’ performance easily between teams and channels. Here is how our own tool was born:

The idea as I already said, was to be simple yet useful. We wanted to summarize the important information that the Google Ads interface was providing us, directly on Slack with our integration for Slack. Even though I cannot omit the visitation of the Google Ads interface, I am super grateful that I don’t have to do it daily.

useful toolsUseful Tools

On this website you will find, as its name suggests, very interesting tools for your business: social media tools, text tools, conversion tools… Enter useful tools now and discover everything they can offer you… How about a tool for Convert Column to Comma Separated List CSV, they have it all!


clickup logoClickup

Me and my team recently jumped to Clickup in order to help us stay organized. It also helps us stay more productive and improve the communication between the tech and marketing teams. So far it’s proven to be a very useful and effective tool for us. For me personally, Clickup has been a huge change in the way I prioritize, define and execute my tasks. It’s a very sophisticated tool which will improve the communication between the different departments in a company. Also, it will give you useful insights regarding the tasks you are spending the most of your time on.

hangouts meet logoHangouts Meet

Apart from all the scheduled weekly meetings I have with different teams through hangouts, there are those mini meetings you end up having via chat. I sometimes found myself spending too much time on Slack trying to explain ideas or concepts with the rest of the team. If you realize this is the case for you as well, it’s easier to shift to a hangouts call. It will make the explanation easier and give a more to the point conversation.

Neal Taparia, who runs classic gaming platform Solitaired, explains, “I love how Google Hangout seamless integrates with Google Calendar. When you send out an invite, you can instantly add a Hangout. You don’t have to go through the hassle of setting up another meeting or conference call”.

hangouts meet

factorial logoFactorial

It’s hard to know who is working and who is on vacation when you can’t see your colleagues at the office. We use factorial in order to help us organize our absences and stay updated with the working statuses of each person of the team.

clerk slack chatClerk

Clerk is a native Slack app that enables SMS and MMS messaging all through Slack. Customers or field team members text you from their phone, and you reply from Slack. It’s that simple. Whether you are using Clerk Chat for marketing, scheduling, customer service, or internal communication, SMS and MMS from Slack makes it easy to improve your communication processes. Texting is one of the best ways to make sure your messages get through the noise and are heard, loud and clear. And with Clerk, it is easy to add this process to your business, so you can get results right away.

My Personal Favorite Tips for Remote work

And now, the important stuff! Now that we’ve gotten to know the tools that help us stay productive and not get fired during this quarantine, it’s time to show what REALLY keeps me going. This is what keeps me from slamming my head against the wall while staying home.

✔ Quarantine spotify playlist

It’s usually what I put on after lunch, when the sleepy feeling comes around. Find the songs that awaken you the most, and when listening to them it’s best to sing along or even dance a bit (“Tusa” is a must on my playlist!). This will help you stay awake if the coffee isn’t helping all that much.

✔ Cook nice and healthy dishes

remote work and cooking

I love cooking; and now that I’m at home I have the luxury of elaborating on my dishes a bit more. Making beautiful dishes add quality and happiness to my everyday life. I make sure to take a photo of each meal in order to share with friends and family to show that I’m eating well at the very least. Nice meals can be a good little reward for being stuck in the house. You can worry about losing that extra weight once you’re out and about again!

✔ Stay active

There are no excuses. You can do it! My roommate just passed me on her way to the kitchen  to make tea, whilst doing jumping jacks. Later she said she’ll be doing yoga by the window. Whatever your workout preference may be, the quarantine shouldn’t stop you! I prefer to turn on Beyonce concerts through Youtube and try to copy her impressive moves. After this has all passed, I’ll surely be the best dancer in my friend group. Find your own secret passion, now is the time to explore.

I’m writing all of this from Spain, a country highly impacted from the coronavirus. At the moment, nearly everything is strictly prohibited except grocery shopping and visits to the pharmacy. It’s a scary new experience for me and everyone around me. My mission is to not to lose my positivity trapped behind the prison cell of my own home. If you need more help about our Slack Integration, you can read this post. And remember: be creative, get inspiration from other techniques and let’s all come out of this stronger!


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