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Learn how to use Google Ads tools curated by Clever Ads to design your Google advertising strategy

First of all, what are Clever Ads tools all about? Clever Ads developed a suite of Google Ads tools for creating, optimizing and managing your online ads. Designing a profitable advertising strategy is not an easy task, that’s why we want you to learn how to make the most of your Google advertising strategies.

Taking into account that not all companies and entrepreneurs have enough of a budget to hire Google Ads experts when creating their Google advertising strategy, Clever Ads tools are here to save the day. This means that anyone wishes to attract traffic to their site through Google advertising, but lack the time, knowledge or budget will now be able to do it through the Google Ads tools developed by Clever Ads.

In this post you will learn which of the Google Ads tools to use depending on your needs. Not only that, but when to do it and how to do it for making the most out of them and your Google Advertising budget.

7-Step guide to use Clever Ads Tools in your Google advertising strategy

Clever Ads has designed different Google Ads tools and products that have already been used by hundreds of thousands of businesses for easy advertising on Google.

If you’re starting from scratch, learn the steps you should follow on your Google advertising strategy when using Clever Ads tools:

1/ Get your Google Ads promo code to save money on your Google advertising strategy

First things first, start saving money on your Google advertising strategy by activating a Google Ads promo code on your Google Ads account. Google frequently activates promotional codes for new users, but being a Premier Google Partner, Clever Ads is able to activate discounts of a higher amount to its users.

The amount of the promotional discount activated will depend on your billing country and its currency. You can also check here if your country benefits from the promotion and its specific requirements. 

Right after connecting your Google Ads account to Clever Ads, you will learn the Google Ads promo code amount applied to your account. You could save hundreds of dollars!

2/ Learn how to have your Google Ads campaigns automatically created with Clever Ads

Once you already have your discount ready on your Google Ads account, it’s time to create your Google Ads campaigns and start taking advantage of it! 

Clever Ads has developed a Google Ads Creator for automatically generating your search and display campaigns. This includes long-tail keywords, text ads, banners, targeting, and more! All you have to do is complete 5 simple steps, and then you will have your campaigns ready in less than 4 work days.

Clever Ads campaigns creator is low-cost, allowing for the majority of your budget and focus to be  spent on your Google Ads campaigns. So forget about paying expensive Google Ads experts or agencies!  

3/ Find the best long-tail keywords for your business using Clever Ads Keyword Planner

You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to find the keywords that best suit your Google advertising strategy. When using Clever Ads Keyword Planner, it’s elementary my dear Watson! All you have to do is enter one or several keywords, or even a URL, and let Clever Ads find the best keywords suggestions as well as its search volume, trends, cost per click and competition level. All within in a few seconds!

Then you can download a full .csv report with all the keywords and its data, or have your Google Search campaigns created with these keywords on your account. 

If you want to have Clever Ads keyword planner always at hand to maybe analyze your competitors’ sites for inspiration, we developed a Chrome extension that will scan any website in a few seconds. Once you have a list of keywords associated with the website you scanned, you will also be able to download a .csv report with those keywords and all their associated data. 

With Clever Ads you can also learn how to perform a successful keyword research, how to choose the right long-tail keywords or how to correctly use the keyword planner itself.

4/ Get automatic reports on Slack and learn about your Google Ads performance and status with Clever Ads Slack Integration

Are you a user of Slack? Clever Ads Slack integration will allow you receive reminders, metrics and any report you want to set up. You will also be able to ask for any metrics or graphs that you want from your Google Ads account. Forget about logging into your Google Ads account everyday for reviewing your metrics.

Get automatic reports

5/ Have Clever Ads mobile app always at hand and check the data of your online ads anywhere at anytime

With the Clever Ads manager app for Android or iOs you can have the metrics of your Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads all in the same place. You’ll be able to compare their performances and better balance your budget without having to be in multiple places at once.

different phones with the app

Apart from getting live data on your campaigns performance, you will be able to configure your own graphs and tables depending on your needs. The app will suggest you improvements according to your performance, and also alert you when something goes wrong in your account. 

6/ Audit your Google Ads account at least once a month and learn to never stop improving your results

Experts recommend performing exhaustive Google Ads campaigns audits and analysis so you discover which optimizations need to be done in order to improve your performance and save money. However, as you can imagine, hiring an expert is costly not only in terms of money, but also time. 

That’s why Clever Ads developed the Google Ads audit. You will be able to have the Google Ads audit results ready in a few minutes and at a small price. This Google Ads audit brought to you by Clever Ads will help you discover and implement all the improvements to have the best Google advertising strategy results possible.

Something to highlight is that Clever Ads will not only allow you to learn about key points to change and leverage for improving your results, but also give you the chance, in most cases, to make the changes directly by just clicking a button. 

7/ Update your banner ad creativities periodically

Banner ads in general have a promotional life of about 15 days. We recommend you rotate your banner ads creativities often, around once if not twice a month. This will help you keep good click and conversion rates on your Google Display ads.

In order to help you do so, we’ve developed a Banner Creator that helps you create your ads both manually and automatically. This way you can always use this tool to have your banners renewed and updated easily and quickly. No need to worry about designing banners! We will configure the most effective assets to build your Google Display Banners.


At Clever Ads, we are continually developing and launching new products for you to outshine and eclipse your competitors. Make sure you are always informed of new products launches! 

We’re excited about a few new additions to our platform coming soon. For instance, a Google Ads translator for any language in order to advertise and reach potential clients worldwide. Sounds like something you’re interested in? Follow us on Twitter to keep up with Clever Ads!

Now that you’ve learned a bit about Clever Ads  amazing products, it’s time to start making the most out of them across all your Google advertising strategy! Have you already used any of the Clever Ads tools? Do you have a specific tool in mind that you think would help you out? Tell us in the comments below!


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