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Introduction to AdWords

An introduction to AdWords for beginners Introduction to AdWords: Campaign Types Welcome to our Introduction to Adwords!  You’ve made a great decision to invest your time and money in Google Ads. It’s a very effective advertising channel, especially for eCommerce Ads. It’s also understandable to be intimidated from all these new terms, number figures, endless […]

How to create a Google Ads account

Google Ads account creation step-by-step Explanatory guide for creating your first Google Ads account Thinking about giving Google Ads a try? Good idea! Advertising your store and products on Google will allow you to reach people that are searching for your products. Whether you feel experienced enough to create your own campaigns, or you need […]

How to increase the ROI of your AdWords campaigns

Are you using AdWords? The money you spend on AdWords should be distributed in such a way that would bring the most profit to your business and increase your ROI. So, you thought you would give a try to starting your first AdWords campaign? Well, this is a great thought. AdWords can be very profitable […]

3 Essential eCommerce Metrics to Build a Successful Store

3 metrics all eCommerce sellers must track to succeed Looking forward to building a successful store? Have a look at these essential eCommerce metrics and learn how to improve them. Essential eCommerce metric 1: Traffic Traffic is comprised of all visitors coming to your site from every source. You may have several sources: referral, organic, […]

What the future holds for eCommerce

eCommerce: what’s going next? eCommerce is a constantly changing landscape shaped by innovations in tech and an incredibly competitive market. Amazon, the overlord of eCommerce only is 24 years old. That’s a rather short amount of time when u look at the big picture of eCommerce, but a time of a big growth and a […]

New app features: Adwords Promotion Extensions

Include Adwords promotion extensions to your ads There are many types of AdWords Extensions. This time we are proudly presenting you with the new promo line extension feature. From now on, you can very easily add AdWords Promotion Extensions to your ads through the  eCommerce Ads by Clever Ads app dashboard. Here you can see […]

How Does Google Ads Work? – Google Ads Warm Up

How Does Google Ads Work? Google Ads is one of the most well-known advertising platforms internationally. Thousands of businesses make money thanks to online advertising. But… Do You know how does Google Ads work? Do you know Google Ads automation exist? [ez-toc] Take a quick look at the most important benefits of using Google Ads […]

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