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Slack for marketing teams –  Let Slack improve your productivity!

The tremendous amount of tools and apps that exist to help us be more productive and make our lives easier as marketers, can sometimes also work like a boomerang. Getting overwhelmed by all the different options and alternatives can sometimes bring the opposite results since it can be so challenging to choose which tools to use, but do not worry, we are here to help! 

If you are using Slack and are looking for ways to bring efficiency and maximum productivity to your marketing team, then this post is for you. Keep reading to discover new tips to maximize your use of Slack.

Tips for boosting productivity with Slack

Use Shared Channels for external projects

Shared channels are the best option for encouraging more agile communication with agencies, partners, clients, etc. In my personal opinion, email is no longer the most optimal way for quick communication. I always tend to invite people with whom we work on a project to a shared channel on Slack.  That way, we can immediately resolve any blocking points and share updates directly with each other. You can learn more about how Slack Connect works here.

Channel tips

  • It’s a big temptation to get carried away and start creating too many channels in your workspace. Once in a while, make sure you do a “channel clean-up” in order to delete all those that are not used anymore. 
  • Make sure the conversation in each channel is focused and does not get carried away. This way, you avoid spending too much time trying to read all the unread messages or risk missing something urgent. Sometimes, it’s better to put some “light rules” in a channel in order to ensure efficient use of Slack channels with the rest of the team.
  • Channel names help team members immediately find the channel they need. Make sure the channels in your Slack workspace represent the actual function of it and that there is consistency for naming them.
  • As with everything, there are some channels that are more important than others. You can “star” the most important ones so that you can more easily access them under the section “Starred.”

Make use of Slack apps

There are plenty of apps to integrate with Slack, and lucky for us marketers, there is a whole category in the Slack App Directory dedicated to Marketing Apps. Explore the tools that you have at your disposal, and start using different apps to automate some of your day-to-day tasks.

Pull your data into public channels

Using the help of Slack integrations and workflows, you can automate the sending of data directly into public channels where the managers and other marketing team members can see the progress and updates of specific actions. For example, in my team, we configured automatic messages for any changes in the positioning of our apps in the marketplace, notifications when a user leaves us a new review, and so on. 

Great Slack Integrations for Marketing teams

  • Clever Ads integration for Slack: Bring the results of your PPC campaigns directly to the marketing channel on Slack. Schedule your reports for an extra point of automation, so that you don’t have to ask your bot for metrics. Configure your custom alerts to get notified when your thresholds are met. You can configure to receive all the above directly into the PPC marketing Slack channel in order to discuss and comment directly on the results of your campaigns’ performance.
  • Review Bot: Get immediately notified when a new review is made on your product or app. With this Slack bot, you can feel safe that the monitoring of the reviews can be an easy game!
  • With this app, you will be able to track user activity in your app and be able to act based on it. We marketers, like to test, again and again, see what works the best, and we always take customer feedback too seriously. For this reason, an app like is a must-have if you work on an app.

Public Slack Community for Marketers

Public Slack Communities are a great place for networking, meeting other marketers, exchanging ideas, asking for feedback and learning new things. Clever Ads has created its own community for digital marketers and you can join here.

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