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Google Ads Coupon – What You Need to Know about this Promo

A promotional code always brings extra advantages to our eCommerce, as we will be able to keep our spending low and reap all of the benefits from it. As the world’s leading paid advertising platform, it is no wonder that a Google Ads coupon is talked about as an exceptional resource. 

If you read on I will tell you all the benefits of having a Google ads promo code, and how to use it to give your campaigns a push.

What is a Google Ads promotional code and what is it for?

A Google Ads coupon is a code that is generated with a computer and that, as its name suggests, offers google ads users a discount on their campaigns to use for free in their Google Ads account.

These codes are for accounts and not for campaigns, and this is important, as their main use is to attract new advertisers to try Google Ads, which always benefits eCommerce.

I have an eCommerce and I want to start advertising on Google Ads… How can I get my promotional code?

Google gives out these vouchers as a special offer, but there’s a catch! Advertisers can’t apply for promo codes themselves.

Google has three ways to send these codes:

1- Through postal mail.

2- Via email.

3- Directly from Google’s Premier Partners. Good thing we at Clever Ads are!

In addition, these promo codes require advertisers to meet specific criteria before the credit appears in their account. Most promotional codes are given to new advertisers with new accounts, as the goal is to encourage them to increase their reach.

We know this sometimes seems difficult, but don’t worry, we are here to help you and make this whole process much easier.

As previously mentioned, Clever Ads is a Premier Google Partner, so if your eCommerce meets Google’s requirements (we’ll tell you about them later), you won’t have anything to worry about, we’ll take care of everything.

How can existing advertisers take advantage of these promotional codes?

As we mentioned to you earlier, these codes are provided by Google and its partners aimed primarily at new advertisers, with accounts less than 21 days old. You can check Google’s requirements here to see if you will qualify for this discount.

If you are not new and your account is older than 21 days, how can you apply the promo code? Here’s a little trick: if you are an existing user who is reactivating a previously deactivated account, you can still enjoy this discount! 

How does the Google Ads promotional code work?

Like we mentioned before, prior to receiving the credit you have to meet certain requirements – read them carefully! This way you will be sure that your account is eligible.

Applying our Google Ads promo code couldn’t be easier. You will be asked to sign in to the Google account associated with the Google Ads account where you would like the Google Ads promo code to be applied.

Can I share my advertiser promotional codes with others?

We are sorry, but no, you cannot share your promotional codes with other advertisers, they are unique and non-transferable, and can only be entered once.

How can I control my budget and not spend more money than what is offered in my Google Ads promo code?

The best way to avoid spending more money than your promotion offers is to enter the end date through your campaign settings.

Our google ads coupon is $500 and you will likely want your ad to stop showing once the code ends. You do so by setting the daily budget of your campaigns, calculating the duration, and then placing a limit so that the campaign ends when your coupon is spent.

This way, you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your ad after the end of the promotion.

What do I do if my promotional code does not work?

If your Google Ads promo code does not work, we recommend that you first check if you have entered the promo code correctly and check the terms and conditions to make sure that the promo code has not expired (Ads promo codes expire 3 months after activation, so be sure to create and activate your Google Ads campaigns as soon as possible after activating the promo code) and also if you have read google’s requirements and if you meet all of them. If it still doesn’t work or you still have problems, don’t hesitate to contact us via social networks or send us an email to, we will be happy to help you.

To sum up…

A Google Ads promo code is a very interesting extra if you are thinking of starting (or reactivating) Google PPC campaigns, and will give you encouragement to keep using your account and managing campaigns as you see the benefits. Hopefully, the application of this Google Ads voucher will translate into new leads seeing your campaigns, conversions, and profits.

With the right strategy and targeting, you can leverage promo codes to make the most of your new campaign and encourage others to launch theirs!

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