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Social Media Marketing: What Is & Why Do You Need It

Social Media marketing has proven to be effective in many ways. If you have a small business or are merely trying to grow your page, social media is the best way to do it. The problem is finding which platform to invest in and which ones to combine. Although some contents can be generic, others should be personalized for each platform. 

Working with social media has taught me many things and in this post I will tell you some tricks that have made a difference in the life of a social media marketer.

What is the difference between the different social media ads?

A very important tip I have learned is that it is not about gaining new followers, but about gaining followers who stay. In other words, your goal needs to be to engage your customers so that increasing customers will result naturally. Ideally, you would have to adapt your advertising strategy depending on the social media platform you are using. You may ask, what’s the difference between them?

Social Media Ads

  • Instagram Ads: Instagram allows you to advertise your products in 4 different ways: posts, reels, videos and stories. To grow your page, you need to post consistently. The ideal pattern you should follow is to post 2 feed posts per week and 2 stories per day. Instagram’s algorithm also calculates your engagement so it would be helpful to create polls or even use question stickers to connect with your target audience. 
  • Facebook Ads: Contrary to belief, Facebook is not behind Instagram – there are over 3 million advertisers on the platform. Moreover, Facebook ads are helpful when it comes to clickable links and giving consistency to your community.
  • Tik Tok Ads: Tik tok is the most downloaded entertainment app in the world, with 29.7 million active users. Tik tok is trendy right now and a lot of people are using it to advertise their business. It is quick, easy and it allows for creativity. You can also access their business website and check which songs and hashtags are popular for you to use in your videos. So, if you don’t have a TikTok account yet and you want to gain more customers, I suggest you download it. 
  • Google Ads: There are many ways you can advertise your campaign on Google. It’s easy and all you need to know is which type of campaign you want to launch and how you want to advertise it.
  • Microsoft Ads: More than 48 million people in the United States use Microsoft’s Search Network. You can see why Microsoft Ads would be beneficial to grow your business! Additionally, Microsoft Ads focus primarily on user experience (hyper targeted ads).
  • Twitter Ads: Twitter can also be used for advertising purposes and many businesses make use of it. Most people check the platform to keep track of what is happening in the world, so your campaigns can be very effective if they appear along with the hashtags of the trending topics.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is also a platform where you can create paid advertisements or simply post tutorials or original content to increase your webpage visits – It has 346 million active users!

social media marketing tools


The most important part of social media marketing is knowing which tools to use. You do not need to invest a crazy amount of money, but just know how to optimize your strategy in the best way possible.

These are some tools that I find most useful:

    • Metricool: Metricool allows me to schedule multiple posts and it saves time. In addition to that, the platform allows you to check the metrics of your social media to find out which time frames are better to post, for example. 
    • ClickUp: as I have a lot of daily tasks, Clickup allows me to organize them so I know when each one is due. It also has an app that sends notifications of the tasks that I have, in case I forget them.
    • Canva: while Canva is a very popular design platform, there are several features people don’t know about. For example, you can also create seamless carrussels (which are trending right now) and make personalized videos. Besides that, the platform has a variety of audios and designs that you can also use to create your banner. 
    • Marketing Calendar: this is the key tip if you want to boost your campaigns. If you have an efficient Marketing Calendar, you can check which days are important for marketers and plan your advertising strategy with time.
  • Creative Adobe Cloud: in the adobe creative suite you can create posters, use photoshop and even create professional videos. The platform is easy to use and it has a range of templates available for you to use, if you don’t want to start from scratch.
  • Google Analytics: if you have been in marketing for some time, you know that Google Analytics is the place to go to. You can measure your advertising ROI as well as monitor the profile of visitors your webpage has, your conversions, most visited pages, where your traffic comes from, etc.
  • Ads Manager: you will need a place where you can manage all of your campaigns together at the same time. Clever Ads Manager Mobile App allows you to control your advertising strategy at any time with your own mobile device. It is easier to track your campaigns and boost your sales if you carry them in your pocket!

Last but not least is to enjoy. Social Media Marketing can be fun and you can use all of your artistic and creative skills for it. 

Did you find this information useful? Any other important platform that is also worth mentioning?

Let us know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts!

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