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Software for Marketing Agencies – Recommendations for 2023

Thousands of advertising accounts, many businesses, eCommerce sites, too many advertising channels, metrics, analytics…uf, life in a marketing agency can be exhausting and chaotic. Hundreds of different campaigns, A/B testing, measuring results, how can you keep track of everything without losing your head? Organizational skills are top priority for everyone who works at a digital marketing agency; however, even if your organizational skills are exquisite, you will need the help of external collaboration tools in order to optimize your productivity and performance.

The use of carefully selected software is essential for everything to flow smoothly. Lucky for you marketers, there are thousands of software options out in the market specifically made for making your life easier. We made a careful selection of some and we’re showcasing them in this blog. Enjoy! 😁

In this post we talk about Google Ads for agencies, you will also find tips to boost your productivity, improve your relationship with your clients, and better organize your day to day tasks.

Clever Ads for Slack & Microsoft Teams

A great tool for agencies that use Slack or Microsoft Teams for internal communication or with their clients. Forget about taking screenshots of Google Ads interface for sharing metrics with your team or with your client. This integration for Slack will let you instantly receive the summary of the most important metrics of your ppc campaigns directly in your chat. You can connect your Google Ads and Microsoft Ads advertising account, filter the accounts that interest you and start scheduling your automated reports. Extra features: you can easily compare your monthly performance and receive your top converting keywords directly in your chat. Also, thanks to artificial intelligence software, Clever Ads bot will be able to give you tips on optimizing your Google Ads performance.


Who doesn’t love pretty reports? Whatagraph is giving you endless possibilities when it comes to reports! You can integrate your data from Facebook, Google Analytics, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin and many more. You can also build your own templates by drag and drop, adding what you consider to be most important. It’s great for sharing custom reports with your clients, automating them and configuring when you want your clients to receive them.

Clever Ads for mobile (Apple store & Google play)

Another smart solution for your on-the-go glimpses to your ads’ performance. By installing this app on your phone, you can connect Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google or Microsoft Ads and get all your metrics and reports in one place. There is no more need to jump from one platform to another, you can get a full comparison in your phone. Try Clever Ads Manager now!


Wrike is a software built to make life easier for digital advertisers. It’s meant to simplify your work, automate tedious tasks and eventually save you tons of precious time. This management platform is a fully-integrated one which allows you to bring all the important work into one place without having to switch between different apps. They focus the benefits of the toll on your clients’ happiness and satisfaction. Same as you right? 😉

Additionally, on Wrike’s website you can find a very well-written and useful list of resources for improving work and performance at marketing agencies.

Clever Ads: suite of tools for agencies

Clever Ads offers an impressive suite of tools designed to make your work as an agency easier and more effective. With Clever Ads’ digital marketing agency tools, you’ll have the power to monitor and optimize campaigns on platforms like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, right from your device. This means you’ll be able to monitor performance, receive instant notifications when accounts need attention, and simplify reporting efficiently.

A standout feature is the ability to create customized, intelligent alerts, allowing you to detect anomalies in your clients’ campaign data instantly. In addition, as we have seen in this post above, these alerts can be configured to be received through your preferred communication channels, be it email, Google chat, Slack or MS Teams. This ensures that you never miss important campaign changes.

But it’s not just about managing alerts, Clever Ads also offers the ability to generate customized and scheduled reports, which are not only visually appealing, but also include recommendations based on metrics and trends. This streamlines communication with your clients and provides them with a high value condensed in each report.

Another great tool for marketing teams! not only allows you to better organize tasks and projects, but also gives you useful insights, such as more accurate future costs estimation. You can also use time tracking for your projects in order to be able to more accurately bill clients later on.

It’s also a great tool for monitoring various campaigns, all in one place so that you can easily control and evaluate their performance.

As you can see, there are plenty of options out there, for every type of team or freelancers who manage their clients’ digital advertising campaigns. Do some research in order to see which one is best fit for you or your team, and then simply surrender to technology’s magic for saving your precious time!



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