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Singles Day Ads – Don’t miss this sales opportunity!

On November 11th, singles have a date with the eCommerce sector. Have you already thought about this key date for your Seasonal Marketing Sales actions? Prepare your Singles Day Ads now and take advantage of it!

Single’s Day is a bank holiday that was born in China, but it has become a global phenomenon. Especially because there are many brands driving its expansion process.

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Where does Single’s Day come from?

Although we think this “Single’s Day” thing is more or less recent, it was born no less than 27 years ago!

It all started in 1993, when a group of students from the University of Nanjing, tired of not being represented on Valentine’s Day (because they didn’t have a partner, of course), decided to celebrate a day for singles by choosing November 11th as the date.

If you realize, 11/11 is made up of some, that’s why they chose that day, because they wanted to make it clear that individuality is also great and that you don’t need a partner to be happy

And to prove it… what better than to give yourself a treat? Soon the stores saw how much they could get out of this day besides Valentine’s Day.  

In 2021, Alibaba newsroom Alizila had put the Singles’ Day gross merchandise volume at $84.54 billion. Source: Statista.

We leave you a video from CNBC in which they tell a little more about this essential date in your marketing calendar from now on:


Alibaba, the main promoter

And what was the first brand to harness the idea of these Nanjing university students? The Chinese trade giant, Alibaba.

In 2009, the brand decided to become a standard bearer for this day and extend its campaigns beyond China, all over the world.

The date is so important that Alibaba holds an annual Gala on the occasion of World Singles’ Day. Pay attention to their data for the last few years!

  • In 2017, the figures reached $25 billion.
  • In 2018, the figures exceeded $30 billion.
  • In 2021, the figures already reached $84.54 billion.
  • In 2022, we don’t know the exact number of millions in sales, but for the first time 290,000 brands from 90 countries and regions participated in the single’s day festival on Alibaba’s platforms.

Who knows what numbers this 2023 will bring? They could be stratospheric!

Other brands join the event

As you see, many great brands in the field quickly joined, such as eBay, which usually advances its discounts for the bachelor’s day a couple of weeks in advance, with prices reduced by up to 60% and includes free shipping.


ebay singles day


Sephora, the French make-up brand, also has a strong commitment to Singles Day. Under slogans such as ‘I am what I want to be’, ‘Singles can do anything‘ or ‘My lips, my rules‘ and even with the hashtag #wearesingle, it reduces its products up to 25%, and brings originality to the matter by celebrating a concert called #wesingle. Wallmart, Costco… And many thousands of other brands have already jumped on the 11/11 bandwagon. And who in Spain doesn’t know about the “La ONCE” 11/11 campaign?


Prepare your Singles Day Ads!

Why should we take advantage of this date? Well, you see, Single’s Day based on two premises:

  1. Traditional models have changed. The idea that you need a partner to be happy is a thing of the past. Singles represent a new consumer who likes to spend time on him or herself. 

Single’s Day comes before Black Friday and kicks off the Christmas campaign, which is moving forward more and more. Brands are interested in these special days on which consumption is soaring.

Some campaign/action Ideas

Discount coupon + Google Ads campaign

Create a landing page on your website where those who subscribe receive a discount coupon in their email. Then share the promotion with a paid campaign on Google Ads to spread the word.

The objective is to give visibility to your brand in networks, attract new consumers, increase your database and get more sales!

For those who are already site users, send them a newsletter with the same coupon so they don’t feel undervalued.

Instagram video contest to win a blind date

Okay, yes, we are talking about that being single is very cool, but it is a way to call attention and get many users to sign up and participate!

To participate, ask them to send you a video via Facebook or Instagram explaining what kind of partner they are looking for and why. Then, choose two winners and make sure they have a fun and enjoyable date first (and that they tell their networks about it).

With this type of action you manage, above all, to build customer loyalty, generate a great brand image and win many followers.

Drawing on social media of a lot of unipersonal products.

In this case, ask your followers to comment on a Facebook or another social media post by telling funny stories about their “free life.”

The winner will receive a voucher for a set of one-of-a-kind home products. (or for whatever suits what you sell). Let them know on the social network in question chosen for the contest, so they can share it.

To make the draw we recommend that you use a tool designed for this purpose, such as, or easyrpomos 

We hope you liked our post! We leave you with a fun infographic of curious and very interesting facts about 11/11.


single day ads



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