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TikTok top ads: check out what’s hot on TikTok!

Thinking about using TikTok for your marketing campaigns? It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and take your social media marketing strategy to the next level! You should now be familiar with how organic and paid posts work on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

So, instead of using your already winning creatives, build your TikTok strategy considering the TikTok top ads. The following TikTok guide will help you to discover the best practices ready-to-apply in your campaigns. Today, you will learn…

➡️ How to use the For You feed for your TikTok Marketing

➡️ Top Performing ads on Tiktok: Best practices

➡️ TikTok Ads types and their effectiveness

➡️ How to optimize your TikTok Ads with our ads Manager

How to Use the For You feed for your TikTok Marketing

The for you page is a customized feed based on users interests where any brand can be discovered. Having a deep understanding of the platform is a key factor when it comes to getting the best performance. 

Want to take over the for you page? Dealing with creator partnerships or influencer marketing is easier in the TikTok community than other social media. Why? There is a creator marketplace where you can easily find the creators who can match your audience. Apply filters based on the topic and your objectives and explore the creator marketplace to partner directly with the creator who can give a boost to your brand. There are over 9500 high quality approved creators in 17 countries. 

When you have mastered creating organic or live streaming video content, let me share the most effective TikTok ads:

  • In-feed: It’s the most natural looking ad, since  it looks like the content people are already engaging with.  83% of users say that this type of ads are more enjoyable.

➡️Marketing goal: You can use this type of ad for drive traffic to your landing and brand awareness.


tiktok top ads in feed ads


  • Top view ads: premium placement for fully-inmersive vertical videos that appear when users open the app. According to a study conducted by Nielsen, it is one of the most effective ads in the platform with 67% higher in sales effectiveness.
  • ➡️Marketing goal: Are you a merchant? It is perfect to boost conversions! Your top view ads will show your products in a way that is super engaging!. 

tiktok top ads topview


  • Branded hashtag challenge: Invite users to create content about your campaign theme so you can boost your organic reach. This engagement challenge have an engagement rate of 17.5%.

➡️Marketing goal: A hashtag challenge can be used for brand awareness.


Branded hashtag challenge


  • Branded effects: Prepare customized effects, filters or stickers. Although you will need more resources to offer this visual experience, it’s one of the best opportunities to get viral.


branded effects


Top Performing ads on Tiktok: 

The most successful advertisers are constantly creating and testing new ads based on what is trending.


Top performing ads on Tiktok


According to the Nielsen Media study, Tiktok ROAS is also 56% higher than other digital ROAS.

TikTok features top ads that can be filtered by variables like industry, campaign, objective and location. So, if you are a newbie, you  should definitely analyze what is working in your industry and what is not working.  

You can use Creative Center to get some inspiration for your TikTok ads. Check out what’s trendy on Tik Tok: hashtags, creators, videos. You can even discover the most performing ads of the platform and learn from them.


top ads spain


tiktok ads best practices infographic



TikTok Ads Best Practices


How to optimize your TikTok Ads 

As we already mentioned, TikTok Ads with sound on are more successful. So let your brand speak and tell your branded stories. 

➡️ Video templates for brands: Create stunning and professional ads  using trendy video templates. 

➡️ Clever Ads Manager helps you to reach new customers through the TikTok funnel. Once you have published your ad, our ads manager will show the best insights to optimize your ads. You can also connect all your advertising platforms and compare your metrics.

✅TikTok Ads

✅Google Ads 

✅Microsoft Ads

✅Facebook Ads 

Instagram Ads

✅Twitter Ads

It is common for advertisers to create reports regarding their campaigns. Get your Smart reports automated and show your co-workers not only your TikTok top ads, but also your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Twitter Ads metrics. 

To become a wiser and more successful advertiser, track these KPIs:


How to optimize your TikTok Ads


✅Impressions: the number of times your ad appears on a search engine result page or on social media.

Clicks: Learn about the pay-per-click model since clicks indicate part of the success of your campaigns. 

✅ROAS: Return on ad spend refers to the revenue earned for each dollar spent on your advertising campaigns.

CPA: Cost Per Acquisition measures the complete cost of acquiring a new user.

Conversions: When your page visitor completes a desired action, you have a conversion. A click on a button on your landing page or completing the registration form, for example.

You don’t need to be a PPC expert to create high-performing ads! Let Clever Ads Manager handle the work for you.


tiktok ads metrics


➡️ TikTok Ads video downloader: With this Google Chrome extension, you will view all TikTok video ads data, download videos in high res, and export all ad data. We make it easy to create your next TikTok ad!


TikTok Ads video downloader

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