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Why should you be on Google Shopping?

Google Shopping Ads can help you grow your online business

If you are (or you are thinking about to be) an online store or eCommerce owner, you should definitely consider including Google Shopping in your marketing strategies. and marketing campaigns. And we have a lot of reason to believe so… pay attention and keep reading, because this will help your business!

Google Shopping has some significant differences if you ompare it to normal text ads of Google Ads campaigns. Shopping campaigns utilize great pictures to promote your products and show them (including the price too, which makes a great advantage) to those who are searching for them on Google.

The photo and the price help a lot to the decision of the buyer, who will be able to compare at first sight with the competition and decide for your product if your relation quality-price is good.

So you can see it more clearly, let’s try to put all the benefits of Google Shopping ads in a concise and illustrative list:

#1 Increase your ROI

By using Google Shopping Ads, you can improve your CTR (Click Through Rate) and decrease your CPC (Cost per Click). Which ultimately means that you are improving your return on investment (check out these other ways  to increase the ROI of your Google Ads campaigns). A higher ROI (Return of Investment) means you can enjoy greater success and financial returns on your business. As a result, you can generate more sales by spending less… Isn’t it great?

#2 Better & more qualified traffic

By the time that people click on your ad, they have already collected enough useful information about your product. They know how your product looks by the picture and they are also aware if it’s in their budget by checking its price.

For that reason, people who are going to click on your Shopping ads have a way stronger intent to buy.

If you don’t include the price, users may come in to see your product but leave automatically. This will generate a higher bounce rate and user expectations that may not be met.

However, giving this information from the beginning not only empowers/accelerates the purchase intention, but also shows transparency in your procedures.

#3 Broader reach

With Google Shopping ads, you can benefit your business from reaching more potential consumers. Variable products of your collections might appear only in a single query. Google Shopping allows you to increase awareness of all the related products you are offering and thus reach more interested people with a greater number of products. It is a win-win solution!

#4 Stand out among competition

Your ads will appear when people are looking specifically for your products or related products with a strong intention to buy, that is, people who are looking for something to buy, who have a high intention to buy, the most essential factor when it comes to making a sale.

With attractive pictures and useful information, you can attract the right audience and stand out among your competition. Those who chose wrongly to not create shopping ads! That’s why you have to take care of the photos of your products, their brief descriptions and establish a price according to the quality of the materials, so that the user can finish convincing himself that it’s your product he wants, and no other.

#5 Very simple to manage

Forget about the time-consuming keyword process! Google will decide when to show your products based on your product data feed. For getting better results you can manipulate your data with your product title, description and category.

  • Product data specification: use this specification to format your product information in Merchant Center programs, such as Google platforms, shopping ads and Shopping Actions. When creating effective organic ads and tabs, it is important that you send us your product data in the correct format, as we use it to ensure that it matches the appropriate queries.

★ If you own an eCommerce on Shopify, you can use one of the available apps on the marketplace to upload your products on the merchant center. An app like this, is “Google Shopping Feed” developed by Simprosys Media. For even more benefits, you can install Google Ads Creator by Clever Ads. This app will facilitate the process of uploading your products on the merchant center.

google shopping infographic

Wrapping up…

Google Ads shopping has many advantages for businesses and online stores. You will be able to advertise your product in the first line, with very useful information that boosts the purchase intention, it is easy and simple and, in addition, you will reach a larger audience than if you do not execute this type of campaign. It’s all advantages!

Wait! Allow us one last piece of advice!

Improve your Google Shopping strategy with Google CSS

Google CSS (Comparison Shopping Services) is a program designed to help merchants increase their visibility and sales on Google Shopping. By partnering with a Google-approved CSS provider, merchants can display their products on Google Shopping at a lower cost-per-click (CPC) than through the traditional Google ad platform.

So how can Google CSS help with your Google Shopping strategy? Well, working with a Google CSS provider can help you reduce advertising costs and increase the visibility of your products. In addition, many CSS providers offer optimization services to help you improve the quality of your product feed and increase the chances of your products appearing in relevant search results.

Partnering with a Google CSS provider can also provide you with valuable insights and analytics to help you better understand your Google Shopping performance and make data-driven decisions to improve your strategy.

Overall, Google CSS is a valuable tool for merchants who want to improve their Google Shopping strategy and drive more traffic and sales to their website.

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