Meet the Clever team!

Who are we? Who forms the Clever Team?

Clever Ads is made up of a lot of different people from diverse backgrounds. The Clever team is composed of young, hardworking, and absolutely awesome people! We would like to introduce you to our Clever team departments!

Clever Team Founders


clever ecommerce manuel


CEO or, our Beloved Leader 
Job Description:  Financial and business administration. Commercial and strategic management. Summary: He is the boss!

Passion: He loves good food and wine as well as traveling and music. Although with three kids, he says that his real passion is to lay down and do… Nothing!



clever ecommerce fernando


COO – Chief Operation Officer

Job description: Data Science Director. Attempting to automate and incorporate Machine Learning everywhere at Clever.

Passion:  He likes rollerblading, the sport padel, and traveling. Even though travelings has been replaced by changing diapers lately. Be patient Fer!



clever ecommerce rodrigoRodrigo

CTO – Chief Technology Officer

Job description: He is the person who finds new challenges for Clever, and is responsible for making them happen!

Passion:  A total Xiaomi freak, he loves scuba diving, playing football (soccer) and flying drones!


Google AdWords Account Managers

clever team account managers

We have a team of four terrific Google Ads expert account managers lead by their fearless leader. They are Carlos, David, Mónica and Tim, under the orders of José María!

They are responsible for taking care of our customers. They create, manage, and optimize their campaigns while helping them with everything they need when it comes to improving their google ads. They’re the machinery of the Clever team campaigns!
David, Mónica, Carlos and José María are all from Spain. Tim comes from Germany which means that he is in charge of almost all of our German clients.



clever team developers

Our developers come from our offices in Madrid, some from the offices in Malaga, some in Zaragoza, and some in Morocco. They work in Python along with Ruby coding. On this team we have Ricardo and Tulio who come to us from Venezuela, Lili and Calas from Cuba. Then we have Miki, Carlos, Jesús, Guille, Pedro, Ana, Antonio, Javi, J. Carlos, J. Antonio, María, and V. Daniel all from Málaga (they must like the beach). Lastly we have Víctor from Madrid, Adrián from Zaragoza, and Oussama from Morocco.

They are the part of the Clever team that generate and execute ideas. Many of them sometimes impossible, but always with sincere passion.

Product Managers

clever team product managers

On the other hand, there are our product experts, also known as Product Managers. Allow us to introduce them to you!

  • Angeliki: She is responsible for our integration with Slack app. Angeliki is from Greece and she gives a lot of love to your product… And to all of us! She also takes care of user happiness and the customer journey.
  • Víctor: Half Spanish, half Californian,  Víctor came from working with Google to help us out. He works on our WordPress and WooCommerce module as well as our audit apps on Google Play and Ios Store.
  • Laura: From Ciudad Real comes our dear Laura. She’s in charge of BigCommerce and one of our current biggest projects in the company: Clever Ads.
  • Hao Xu: Prestashop Product Manager, Xuhao arrives from China to change all the schemes!
  • Marta: Apart from being our Marketing Manager, she is responsible for leading our business in Shopify. A 4×4 woman!


marketing icon

And what would a company be without a Marketing department? Made up of Marta, the almighty Marketing Manager, and Lucia, the social media, content and SEO manager. Both of which who come from Madrid, Spain, and struggling every day with the constant news and changes in the online world.

New additions coming soon…

Shopify + Google Ads experts

shopify logo

Do you know Sonido Inalámbrico? It’s the eCommerce of our Shopify experts Pablo (Spain) and Meri (Panama). If you have any questions about Shopify or online sales … They are your people!

That’s the Clever team! We share a passion and enthusiasm about our job and we are very happy to be a part of the team. Together we make the work happen and no challenge is too big!

Here is more info about the things we do outside the office!

And here the frequent asked questions about Clever.

we love you


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